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Postmark 10-21, dated the same


Dear Sis:

Arrived home about 9:00 oíclock Sunday night after a most pleasant day spent at the convent. We did have a nice time, didnít we? What with Viola, Mrs. Marek, Marie and the rest coming out too. How are you enjoying your Halloween toys Ėor of course it isnít time for that yet.


Sis have you started in wearing your heavy underwear and nightgowns yet, if not donít start as Sister B bought you some too and Iíll bring them out and if these are more like what they are wearing there I can take the others back home. The nightgowns seems a little heavier and therefore perhaps you would rather have these anyway.


I think we will bring them out a week from next Sunday and bring Aunt Rose and Hilda along at the same time as you know Aunt Rose couldnít come after it got too cold as she has never been quite the same since she had the yellow jaundice. I hope this will be allright as I donít think we will have another chance to come out perhaps for a long time.


How are you and how are you and your work getting along. I hope just fine. Wanted to listen Daniroschís (?) Music Appreciation this morning but just the time I wanted to tune it in I got a telephone call and after that I forgot about it until it was all over. Was wondering whether you heard it or not. Iím sure it was a good program and something worthwhile, thatís why I hated to miss it.


We are all pretty good although Larry hasnít been so very extra this week. He has a kind of a cold and then last Monday he had one of his old time vomiting spells and I know he hasnít been just right since. Dorothyís mother called me yesterday and said the pictures they took Sunday were fine. Sheís going to send or bring me one and then Iíll pass one on to you. Edward is still working and I wish it would be steady as it surely is a Godsend, only wish Arthur could be fortunate enough to find something or Iím afraid heíll be forgetting everything he ever knew. Say a prayer for Harry as he is getting terribly lazy has a few ďFsĒ every week on his report and that means failure. I know he isnít feeling so very good having had a swollen jaw for a few days due to a bad tooth and toothache but then he doesnít apply himself as he should anyway.


Christine came in with John last night and stayed here until quite late. She had to wait for John to call for her as usual. She is fine and we always enjoy her company. She isnít working yet so she doesnít mind getting to bed late as she doesnít have to get up early in the morning. Dad let her read your letter and if it takes you as long to figure it out as it did her Iím afraid you will have a pretty busy day Sunday and therefore I better not keep you reading this all day either so Iíll close with love from all



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