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Transcribed from typed original

Palmer House WJJD envelope

V. Marek typed above logo

Postmark 10-7

Chicago—Oct. 7, 1932

Dearest Irene,


I’m awfully sorry I didn’t get around to writing you last week, but you know I’m just terribly busy so you’ll have to make excuses.


I know you’re interested in knowing all about my wedding preparations but I guess most of it will have to wait until I see you on the 16th. I already have my wedding gown, which is ivory satin with a train and long tight sleeves, puffed at the top. Then I have a couple of other new dresses, shoes, etc,. and I’m going to get a suit to go on my honeymoon in.


I had one shower Wednesday night and another one last night so I’m pretty tired today, although I don’t mind a bit. I got so many, many beautiful things, a floor lamp, table lamp, all wool blanket, three pair of embroidered pillow cases, mixing bowls, ice box set, buffet set, two sets of goblets, two pictures, cookie jar, odd dishes and plates, and so many little things that I can’t begin to mention them all. It’s just lots of fun, and tonight we’re renting the cutest little house, with a fireplace, radio, piano, and everything. It has five rooms and is all furnished.


Marie is still in Aurora, and working hard. I guess she’s just about set out there now and I’m so glad because she can use the money so well, and she’s so much happier working. She’s been to all the parties and gets just as much fun out of them as I do. I still have a lot more coming, one from Stela, Evelyn, Ruth, Dorcas and the choir.


Marie’s brother is getting married tomorrow, just in case she’s too busy to write you about it. Marie is going to be a bride’s maid, so she’s getting her fill of weddings right now.


I have to try to call your mother today to get the latest news about you because I still haven’t heard from you, but then I don’t feel badly about that you know.


I just got a new Royal typewriter (can you imagine my joy over a Royal when I’ve been using an Underwood for so long), but I’ve kind of gotten out of the feel of one, and so this typing isn’t just as good as it might be. I got it yesterday, so in about a week I ought to be handling it pretty good.


I guess Bob told you that he got stuck with the books and had to have me come over to help him out. Incidentally he offered me a job in case I wanted to change positions. Will wonders never cease!!!!!


Well I have to stop and go to lunch and mail this on the way or you won’t have it Sunday…. And next Sunday we’ll be in Milwaukee to see you—and we’re all looking forward to it so awfully much.

Lots of love,



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