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Nov. 18, 1932

Dear Sis,

I just couldn’t pass up this week again without writing to you so here goes. I was talking to Mrs. Klingenbeck this morning and she told me she was going to be in Milwaukee Sunday so we are sending you a package, mostly from your Dad, also a box of candy from Aunt Dell. We’ll probably split up the package and send some with Mrs. Fichtel too as she called me Wednesday and said she would be there Sunday too.

I received your letter Wed. morning and was glad to hear Mrs. B. & Alice B. wrote to you but I don’t think Mrs. Bullingtron should tell tales out of school. Of Course I get lonesome sometimes who wouldn’t but when I think of where you are and how beautiful it is and why you are there I feel I should get down on my knees and thank God that he chose one of my children to work only for Him. I do hope and pray though that out of the six boys we have He will choose at least one to serve only Him too. Of course Dolores always says she is going to be a Convent Sister like Sis when she gets big and Larry is going to be a priest, but at their ages it is hard to tell.


I was very glad you wrote to Harry about his marks because they were terrible and still are but maybe now he will at least try and do better. Francis needs your prayers too because Sister told Jerry this noon he wouldn’t pass this year because he was the laziest boy in the room. He just doesn’t seem to care.


Edward and Dad have colds. Edward’s is terribly bad just almost coughs his head off. Wish he would quit smoking cigarettes for a while at least to see if that wouldn’t help some. I really feel worried about him. Arthur too went to play basketball at the “Y” I guess and got some kind of a rash almost all over himself. He said he thinks he got it in the showers. I think he will have go to the Dr. about it. I only hope it isn’t anything serious. While I am writing this letter Arthur is practicing his Clarinet as he wants to join the De Paul band. I also want him to join our St. Martin’s school orchestra again this year too. Harry is going to play in it too. They haven’t started their rehearsals yet.


Genevieve Rossman just stopped in and told me all about Helen Z’s wedding, said she had written you all about it too. Helen Pomeroy called me up last Monday afternoon to find out your address said she had written to you too and told you all about Helen Z’s wedding too. Aunt Gertie called me up this morning and told me Helen Jann’s father died in California and will be buried here in Chicago Monday. Daddy and I will probably go to see him as he stood up with me when Uncle Louis was married. Christine was in Tuesday night and went home with John about 11 o’clock. I always enjoy her visits as she is always so cheerful regardless of conditions. John has been laid off again you know. Well Sis, space is getting scarce and I must get busy now so hoping you are well and getting along O.K in your music. I remain with lots of love from all,


Your mother

We all prayed for Florence. Hope she is better.


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