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Berwyn, Illinois

December 1, 1932

Dear Irene:

Iím getting better every week at writing letters. If you stay in the convent, Iíll be a regular whiz-bang at it. I havenít much time to write this, because it has to get to the post office before noon, and I have a chance of getting a ride up there, so youíll have to excuse the scribble.


Iím making the novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and I just came from seven oíclock mass. I even received communion. Thatís one novena I can never miss. I have more confidence in Our Lady of Perpetual Help than anyone else, I guess. So you see I couldnít possibly stay away from it.


Talk about Our Lady being good to us! Listen to thisóthe novena started on Tuesday of this week. My mother and dad and John and I are making. My mother told us we should pray so John gets back at Kaspers. Well, Wednesday night when my dad came home from work, he asked us who prayed for a job. We said was did, and he said that John was wanted back to work Thursday. Nobody can tell me that praying to our Lady of Perpetual Help donít receive any results. John and I were going to go out South Thursday. I was going to see your mother, butóyou knowóbusiness before pleasure.


Thatís just about all the news from here, except that Florence is pretty sick. This is third day she is home from school.


How are you? (Itís funny for me to ask you any questions, because you canít answer them anyway) I hope youíre well and still happy.


This is a blunt closing, but I have to go now. Iím going to go to church again now, because Mrs. Knight is going, and I have to go up that way anyway, so, so long until next time

As ever,