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(Don't know who the person in Compton is that she mentions. Guessing she said "Alma Klein." Her husband's maternal kin were the Kleins.)

One name removed and replaced with relationship in italics

A Christmas card from Irene


Am sending you all a little belated Xmas gift. Thought I would get to send it sooner but the only place I get is to the market and back and never to the P.O. How did your son like Xmasóhis tree and all. Bet you enjoyed it as much as he did. Isnít that first Xmas thrilling though. Did you get his stroller yet? Am going to write you a nice long letter some one of these days donít be surprised. Went to Compton to see Alma Klein yesterday. Had a nice visit.

Love to all from all, Mom

(on scrap of paper included) Donít mention the little Xmas gift in your letter. Sure hope you can come here on your vacation. Am getting terribly homesick and donít mention it to Dad

Love Mom