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Photos of Richard "Hertzy" Stalzer (Larry's friend) at bottom of page

Peanuts = Wilbur Schuch, son's friend (his photo on this page: letters 1953)

Others mentioned: son Larry, wife Irene (Mom)

name of grandson removed and replaced with "your son."


Lawndale Calif

Jan 11, 1954


Dearest Dolores, Les and grandson,


Yes, you are due for another letter as you are still head and shoulders ahead of all competition. I'm the only writer and as I have so many to write, it keeps me busy when time bobs up. Today is our first day of rain and it's cold and damp, even though the rain only lasted for an hour.

            And guess what blew in ahead of the rain. Hertzy Stalzer drove up to the curb stone just as Mom and I were sitting at the breakfast nook. Mom said it's an Illinois license plate and just then I saw Herz step out and I say to Mom, It's Herzy. She of course tried to deny it until she lamped him and she up and runs out to meet him. Larry was at the golf tournament as this is the last day and he leaves from there and drives to work so he won't know until 11 PM tonite about the news. Herz should pop his eyes out as no one knew of his plans.

            He asked Peanuts for the address and started out Wed about 12 noon and arrived here at about noon Monday the 11th. He wants to find work out here as a sheet metal man and intends to stay on. So far all we know is that we are putting him up tonite and from there on it's darkness yet. Maybe after he sees Larry and tomorrow morning he will have made up his mind on what to do.

            We got your letter today of the 7th and Larry also got one which he has not seen yet.

            If you hurry and make up your mind about your vacation we sure will have things all in bloom and let your son cut roses if he don't get stuck by thorns. Wait until he learns how to slide and glide on Mom's polished floors. And the what a time he will have in enclosed glass doors shower. He'll know how to swim before leafing her and run up and down the mountains. He can also feed the seals at Redondo Beach. If he makes the grade, he can help me on jigsaw puzzles as Mom will probably be too busy then to help me out.

            So you can see the vacationists have started, that's why I say get your reservations in on time as we have not got too much space for two or more families at the same time unless we convert the garage into living quarters, and make someone sleep out on the patio. We'll manage somehow, even if we do hit the jackpot. Then we have so many cabinets, even with clothes hangers. Hope you're following me or a way ahead of me.

            Hertzy says if you don't want to renew your lease I'll take it. He fell in love with the place before we even showed him all around. Also compliments me on how swell I looked. He likes everything so far and only has been here a half day. We went shopping and he took off the for the laundry while we shopped, next door to the market. He drove us there and back so I did not have to take my car out. Mom washed and has the house full of clothes as it rained for a short time and still looks very threatening. Can't wait until Larry comes home to see what he has to say. Not much news today, but had to satisfy your yearning for letters. Toodle Oo.


Love and kisses

Mom, Dad, Larry, and Hertzy


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Hertzy in the yard, Lawndale

Hertzy on top, Larry on the botton

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