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Boop = daughter Dolores

Bunk = son Frank

Dolores = daughter

Hary = son

Jerry = son

Larry = son

Marge = son Ed's wife



(carbons to Dolores, Jerry, Harry)


June 19th. 1954


Dear Ones:

        As I don't have time to catch up individually on my answers, here goes three in one which I don't care much Marge squawks, this is it.

        As we are also plutocrat landlords again we can afford to be a little independent, or can we? Even Larry is shown on our papers as part owner, the desert rat, as Jerry so aptly put it. He says he pays $3.50 a yard for sand and Larry is thinking of staking a claim in the desert for a five acre tract for $35.00. Jerry also referred to him as a stinking plutocrat. We are fairly certain that our deal will go through the first of July or something and have already been billed for July rent and as I have our money in the bank out here that is drawing one per cent interest, I can't make a withdrawal until the first to get my full six months interest. So Larry being very perceptible and cautious, he neeked to the escrow office and paid the July rent so that there could be no slip up as the papers say rent must be paid on July 1st.

        That's the day we discontinue being the idle rich and again get our nose down to the grindstone and start making payments just like most of you are now doing. Now you have company. Our rent is $67.76 against $90.00 we were paying which should help some. Larry has agreed to make the monthly rental payments, so we will have our lucre to feed the babe extra good since he is being so good. Started today by going to the market and buying a larder full, so we eat next week again. As we were shipping, I dropped a smile, but I got it back, and as I told Mom, she says was she a blonde or red head. Who is minding that chit-chat.

        I am also going to have some latch keys made so whoever wants one can come out here and get one, so get in line and head WEST, not where the weather is so humid as in dear old Shy. We had the ball game on this day and heard Dizzy Dean broadcasting that it was was so sticky that everyone was suffering. We are still basking in our lovely days and cool nights.

        Since I found out I was taking care of my own garden and lawn, you ought to see me plowing into the work very diligently, pulling weeds, sprinkling, pruning roses and posies, picking bouquets for Mom of big gorgeous roses, all colors, while she is out daily picking blackberries. We also have two peach trees that Mom is carefully inventoring to see how big the crop will be. One has over two dozen, nearly ripe, and the other stinker only a couple. And the orange tree has two marbles on it. The grape vines seem to be loaded but still very small and plenty green. The fig tree is as green as fig leaves but cannot see how Eve used them as diapers. Still can't find the fruit on them or it. Same for the Avacado tree. Also ditto for that Guave tree. That about covers the orchard, but not the flowers, they are divine, still commanding the attention of all comers and goers. You will see if they last and I'm sure they will.

        Now back to the house again. Larry is just as proud of the place as we are and just as much interested. We got in our new furniture which we imagine was fully covered by Bunk, and while on the subject, almost forgot to mention the pleasant surprise we got Monday to hear he had arrived with much needed dishes and his own presence. We now have our twin beds set up and Larry says he thinks they are more comfy than the ones the landlady took away. He is very pleased with the headboards as he has individual places to put his radio, his bullet lights focused on his book, a nice dresser all his own, night stand and that's all I'll tell about so you can admire personally when you get out to the folks.

        We are shopping daily buying little incidentals we need badly. Like today, we got a waste basket, knife and fork box, broom, shelf paper, moth balls and ant killer. By the way Harry, sell all the remainder as soon as the family has had their pick of what they can use, I mean our old belongings, even my old pipes and ash trays, don't think I'll ever have use for them again. We need a couple of screen doors, but come to think of it, we left ours at the old 58th street address, so me think we will buy some new ones out here to keep the flies out and the millers or are they Andersons?

        With the furniture we had to replace as we did not and would not take her antiques, so they are already moved out and our new stuff is in.  The surprising part is that Larry went about the new installations just like a trooper and kept on moving things around for a complete inspection and approval by all. The only place that was sacred was his boudoir. No interference on placing or arranging by anyone but the master. The only thing we had to stop him at was moving the balance of some fixtures into his room by confiscation. After strenuous objections he acquiesced and finally retired to his domain and left ours intact.

        Enough for this time as I still have more to go to catch up, so hoping to see you all soon and with love from all of us


Mom--Dad & Larry

(handwritten) Boop, thanks for your usual prompt good cheer letter


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