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From Harry Wachdorf


March 18, 1954


Dearest Dolores (crossed out)

My Dear Dolores (crossed out)

Dolores Dear (crossed out)

Dear DEW (crossed out)



        I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I miss ----- those letters of Mom and Dad, and also that Egyptian one of Larry's. Please remit. Course as long as I'm writing I'll ask concerning your well being and that of Les & Billy (these no good fountain require filing so I had to stop and run to the bank). I'm at Wurlitzer's right now and had a cancellation so this is my intermission. Task for today. We're all fine at our house, or at least were when I left this A.M. We change very rapidly though but I hope tonight shows nothing drastic again.

        We, meaning Dean and I, came home from that last party and worried all the way about the spoiled records. The next morning I tried playing them with my thumbnail on the turntable and to a certain extent it worked. We were actually able to understand the voices. Then I began holding other things against the turntable for my thumb had burnt off at the first joint but it still didn't work too good--it was too erratic. Finally I thought of that old beat up hand-turned mechanical victrola in the basement which can be adjusted for speed and by golly, the records turned out just passable but very listenable insofar as understanding was concerned. Some of the voices are badly distorted but you can guess the owner quite easily. Anyway, we sent a whole raft of records to California and I image they enjoy them although we haven't heard yet--it's not our turn yet.

        Worked the St. Barnabas Shamrock Shuffle last night at the South Shore Country Club. Some affair--they had a 137 page ad book and absolutely filled the joint. Had a ball myself.

        We'll be making the long haul again one of these nice weekends but not just yet. I broke a spring in the Hudson so... not yet. I also blew the whole inside wall of a tire clean out. Some car.

        Don't forget, we're usually home on Sundays. Call early--then come early and feed your face with us. We can usually swing it and enjoy it like dickens too. Soooo come on.

        If not...well...we'll see you soon. Why not? Anyway.




all of us of course

and me too


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