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Frank = Frank Vrzak, neighbor

Larry = son



Oct. 9th 1954


Dear Ones;

        I hasten to recognize your skill in placing your money where it does the most good by paying large dividends. What luck and what a thrill in having your name called as the winner. Not such fortune with me. They caught up to me and declined to further consider me for unemployment. compensation. Seems like old Dock was trying harder than I was by saying in his medical report that I could not work full time. That was the worst thing that could of happened. You must be qualified to put in a full day's work if employed as that is the rule on which they pay out, so my petition was denied for reconsideration, which makes me the loser for $702.00 or $27.00 per week. Got my final refusal last week that's why I was so disappointed and too discouraged to write. Even Mom says it's a crime as others are getting it and even the colored in the majority.

        Oh well it's nothing ventured nothing gained for me, but it don't always turn out that way I guess as in your case. Never was so tickled at our house when we read all about it. Now you  can take a chance and plant an avocado ranch and really enjoy that delicious salad. Maybe you can plant a gold mine and have lots of fun prospecting.

        Been pretty busy in the garden and the yard trying to beat crab grass to the draw. Very tough job as said enemy is extremely fast on coming through. It don't hesitate in any and all kinds of weather and conditions. Got down to now that I have a hard time filling my box for the garbage disposal man every Wednesday for pick-up. Even Larry has tough luck getting the box filled up for Saturday on tin can day. What with the crowd gone he cannot dispose of more than his usual share.

        Can't say too much about the weather. It's been cool in the afternoons with a chilly wind blowing even though the thermometer does fairly well on registering in the high numbers. The mornings are started with the haze and fog. Some days it don't clear up until late, in fact almost too late to make much difference. Mom has been complaining about it being too darn cold in the morning to get off to church so she has been wearing her snuggies and two top coats, heavy wool stockings and mufflers with heating pads.

        Mom and me just made the novena to our lady of the miraculous medal for nine days with communion for the finality. In fact I asked for an answer on my compensation and got it during the novena but not so good. It's final with me though as I was getting so disgusted with the delay and the sarcasm of some of the help.

        Just counted my rose bushes and totaled 36 in all. Bought some rose food and had to put a cup full around each plant and as I only had a ten pound bag, I took the precaution to tally first. So I ran short by only having enough for two dozen plants. Also got a bag of Dichondra food but had enough to go around. Now all we have to do is settle back and watch results. Frank done some and had good results. This way  it precludes handling manure as the food is like Vigoro, all minerals that are good to produce better plants and flowers. This gives Larry a good chance for a good workout with the mower.

        He seems contented with his position and his schooling. He is going nights to El Camino college taking up advanced subjects. Comes home and tells us that he is leading the class as I guess he had previous training on the subjects, or maybe he is just too darn smart for this native bunch out here. Always has been sharp that's why he uses Gilettes.

        By the way it's now a race to see who is the sharpest, you or him. When you can make such good investments you have to be sharp and quick on the draw. Your letters are plenty sharp, amusing and very delightful. Mom has knipshen fits when she misses out after a few days of watchful waiting, so please keep up the good work, even though I lapse into a coma and don't come out of it until I have exhausted your patience to the point that I have to be reminded to get on the ball or get the show on the road as Larry says.

        As my supper is ready and Mom keeps on jostling my memory that I have been previously called and it's getting cold so until some time later and with love from all of us

Mom*** Dad ** Larry?

(3 stars, two, none why not)


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