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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


mentions besides her husband and son Larry,

son Francis, his wife Virginia/Jinny & their sons M*** & D***

son Edward, his wife Margaret, their daughter M***

son Jerry's wife Char, their children J***, J*** and S***

Char's parents, Eva and Arthur Plaehn

son Art, his wife Irene, their daughter K***

mother of Art's Irene, Lottie Szafranski

neighbors Johnny Foltz & wife Jean Cassello Foltz

neighbor Mrs. Janet King

neighbor Frank Vrzak (uncle of John Foltz)

Peanut = Wilbur Schuch, Chicago friend of sons (Frank pos. his brother?)

Aunt May =her husband's sister, May Wachdorf

Madeline = her husband's sister, Madge Wachdorf

"the girls" = her husband's niece Ruth & Leona Wachdorf, daughters of Joe Wachdorf

Marge Haberkorn = friend of her daughter

parents of her daughter's husband Les


Apr 1 --55


Dear Ones;

    After not having received any letters from any of you for so long we finally received one from almost all of you all in one day and what a happy day it was--we were sure everyone had forgotten about us, even Larry commented about it.

    Speaking of Larry do you know he has become very house minded or something, was continually asking me when I wanted him to start painting and last week he came home with the paint for the bathroom and immediately painted it he didn't seem to be too well pleased with his job or else he thinks it's too dirty or something (he had paint all over himself) but anyway he wants to call in an interior decorator to do all the rest of the rooms and dad and I nearly had a fit our neighbor across the street said a friend of hers had a decorator come in and paint their living room and he charged them $200 and $100 to paint a bedroom wow wouldn't that be awful.

    Anyway Johnnie and Jean said they loved to paint and would come over and help him. We have been taking Jean out every day to look for a 3 room furnished apt but its almost impossible to find one for less than $60 or $65 and that's more than they want to pay. Jean is expecting a baby by the end of Aug and is trying to save the money for the Dr. + the hospital which will amount to quite a bit.

    Peanut + Frank are coming out here in May and maybe that's why Larry wants to paint up the place--he has even taken an unusual amount of interest in our garden + flowers last night he came home from work and before he even had supper he went out + cut the grass and walked around looking the place over even made me come out to see some flowers he thought I hadn't seen, our outside + inside yard are really commencing to look beautiful.

    Yesterday Mrs. King across the street from us brought over her relatives from N. Dak. to see our yard and whenever I meet people from somewhere hear here they ask me if we live in the house with the pretty flowers and it should look nice because dad spends an awful lot of time on his knees out in the yard, out in front and on the sides of the house too even went out and did some weed pulling in front of Frank's house. I guess he wants it to look especially nice when some of our family and relatives and friends come.

    Aunt May wrote and said she and Madeline + the girls are coming out here in July for 2 weeks and I'm sure Francis + Virginia and the kiddies will be out during the kiddies' vacation they can leave them here even after they have to go home as now with Larry having the ping pong table they can amuse themselves even if they have to stay around the house.

    Feel kind of bad that M*** isn't with T.W. A. anymore as that leaves Edward + Margaret out but I'm praying hard that Sinclair will take over Richfields and then maybe he could be transferred and they could even move out here.

    Am hoping to see Art Irene K*** and Irene's mother out here some time this summer as K*** wrote and said she thought they might come this year--would just love to have all of you come out as that would be a real treat.

    Am wondering if maybe Charlotte's Mom + Dad came to Calif this year if they might not bring J***, J***, S*** along and leave them at our house for a while especially if M*** + D*** could be here at the same time. Say how is Char's dad did he have anymore heat attacks and is he back at work again and how's her mother? Tell Charlotte to thank her for the very nice birthday card she sent me.

    Was happy to hear you are in Marge Haberkorn's bridal party even if it does cost a lot it will be like old times for you to be bridesmaid again and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time at her wedding.

    Is Les' mother going to care for the boys or are you having a baby sitter how is Les' mother and how is his dad has he been feeling O.K. since he had his tests of whatever it was that made him go to the hospital  and how do they like living on the north side. I bet they like it  a whole lot better than living on the South side with all the colored folks.

    Well darling it's time for me to call dad for breakfast (10 o'clock) so I'll say toodle oo for now with loads of love + kisses I am as ever

Your ever loving Mom

PS Can hardly wait to see J*** and also B*** wonder if he will remember us give them both a great big kiss from Grandma. Tell Les I thought it was wonderful of him to let you call me on my birthday it was a real treat talking to both of you and I appreciated it very much. Don't know yet when we will be able to go to Chgo but will let you now as soon as possible. Jinny said we could make 3 trips this year but I'll be happy if I can get dad to make it twice.

Love Mom


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