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By Edward Wachdorf Sr

carbon of typed letter, single spaced (hence note at end)

People mentioned besides his wife Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and son Larry:

Louise = Louise Lift Pfleger, widow of his wife's late brother Henry Pfleger

Kate = Louise's sister

Ed = Edward Wachdorf Jr

Mrs. Baldwin = Carrie Baldwin, crony of his wife's from Chicago area

Jinny = daughter-in-law, wife of his son Frank/Bunk

name of granddaughter replaced with "Ed's eldest"

Bob = husband of granddaughter


Dec. 14th 1955


Dear Ones;

    Here we are again, but minus one, who proved to be good company while here. We put Aunt Louise on flight 94 Monday morning 8:15 A.M. Dec. 12th and was she reluctant to leave. But circumstances that proved annoying to her hastened her departure. She was constantly being reminded by her sister Kate that all was not well at home and that she should return immediately to superintend repairs to her house, especially the plumbing. Seems when she was away there were numerous fountain that reared their ugly streams, which soaked up her kitchen, bathroom and basement. Pipes cracked under pressure as water would not stay liquid, but insisted on expanding to ice and mess up all over the place.

    We phoned Ed and told him to inspect and get a plumber to temporary fix the damage and then advise us. Did he? He did not, and all the while we were consoling Louise that she could depend on Ed. Instead she kept on getting panicky mail from Kate which wore her down.

    No doubt she hated to leave, especially after we were hounding her to stay a little longer as Mom was in heaven. Larry and I got along very well with her while Mom just drooled about her presence and company. Larry and I got Mom a nice dish washer which she kept on insisting was surplus. She had got along these many years without one and could keep on doing so. Of course there was one bad feature to the dishwasher, it threw Larry and me out of work. Even though that has its merits as now we can cure our hands of that nasty look and can start again using up our cream lotion for beautiful hands. Mom finally won out and now is satisfied as we sent it back. In fact she should be there now as she left on flight 94 for Chgo.

    I used to keep my garden clean until she came. She really cleaned it out. We had flowers in every room and in every glass and mug, all garnished with ferns, wax leaves and tea leaves. She was up at the crack of dawn, out scouting to see if any new rose buds had opened or if anything new had sprouted. She was confoundly disappointed because the lilies, lilies refused to bloom while she was gardener. No kidding, she had a wonderful time and really regretted her brief stay. So did Mom.

    But was I relieved with no more driving half way around Southern Calif. As I write this I am setting between two bouquets of flowers on the dinette table, also one behind me and two to my right in the living room. Just remembrances. I'm afraid when Jinny comes out all she can use for decorations is grass clippings and dried leaves.

    Bob and Ed's eldest were here for a few days and were rained out which I suppose is no news to you. Don't mention that weather report or the Chamber of Commerce will indict me.

    We are preparing for Xmas now and have out huge tree on the patio just waiting . The tree is almost three feet high. Got some new ornaments so we are pretty Ritzy. Also have our living and dinette room painted, thanks to Larry the ambitious chair climber. Had no step ladder-ha-ha. Mom got a beautiful baby blue nightie and white slip from Mrs. Baldwin. Larry and myself each got 3 hdkfs., and big sack full of hard candy, but they look delectable.

    Mom also got some new aprons which Louise bought goods for and made. New curtains, her old clothes altered. Mom showed Louise the yardage place and WOW. Kept me in high gear every time we went riding answering her queries if we were going to pass the yardage place. Had her up in the hills where I threatened to toss her off if she mentioned yardage again as sometimes she became peaky.

    All apologies for no tape record in time for Xmas. Larry kept mentioning but did nothing about it, the little blonde rat. He's very cute with his long tales, and out of his hole. Now we are signing off with an abundance of Xmas cheer and mellow and rich love from all of us, you too Louise


Only had enough paper for close spacing or I would have to quit and wait for replenishment, which Larry takes care of.