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By Edward Wachdorf Sr, typed

The Stone Avenue Mohicans are his son Bunky/Frank and family

Larry = his son

Mom = his wife, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

name of daughter's children replaced with "your oldest son" and "the baby."

Frank, Johnny & Jean = neighbor Frank Vrzak, his nephew John Foltz & John's wife Jean Cassello Foltz

Jan. 10 1955

Dear Ones;

    Dolores, thanks very much for your promptness in answering our request. We were almost demanding from someone that things take about a change and hasten up deliverance, so now we can rest on our laurels. We finally produced, ain't it grand. Even you and Les don't have to worry any more as we are out of suspense without and further suffering. Now your guidance will soon have the babe out of the woods in time for your oldest son so have someone to hide in the oven or teach him to get fat in spots, especially where the bump arises. Powie, what a challenge to your oldest son. In times like this you ought to bundle him up, put him on a plane, put a tag on him, directing to 3845 W. 154th St Lawndale. I will soon need a helper out doors and I am quite sure this lad can qualify for the job, the little digger.

    Things have settled back down again and we are back to working jig-saw problems. The last of the Stone Ave. Mohicans are back to their own wigwam and tenting in their own wigwams or tepee's. That familiar war whoop has settled down to a slow pitter patter on the roof. It's been raining fairly intermittently since their departure, in fact it's going on now as Mom is getting nervous about pulling in her wash off the line. Last night it came down rather hard at times, only to let up temporary to encourage your Mom to wash and hang out, that's why is now in a quandary as to dare leave it or get panicky and take it in.

    Through the same token, I have been grounded indoors as the ground is too wet to get out there and work at something outside. I must admit the garden looks lovely without weeds in all directions. But oh you should see the lawns. Looks like the Mohave desert with the sand colored grass. Thank goodness it's not only ours as we have checked all around the neighborhood and find some wonderful lawns aping ours. That takes some of the sting out of this waiting.

    Don't know the reason as we don't think it has been from the sun. The mornings are so cool that some people say it has been due to early frost on the ground that killed the grass. Mom says some mornings the grass is white and the while we are thinking it was a heavy dew.

    Wet ground or not, I soon must get out at the rose bushes and do some pruning to give them a chance to produce bigger and better roses for the summer. Also have to thin out some of the other bushes which are trying to crowd us off the sidewalk, the ones leading back to the incinerator and close to the garage. Also transplant some cactus to better advantage.

    Of course I don't have to worry too much as I have Larry to fall back on. Trouble is, he lets me fall flat on my back as I never do any of my work out on the golf course. We just had the Los Angeles open golf tournament the last week and Larry was all a jitter as to the results. He was there Sat. to follow the crowd around the course and the balance of the time he resorted to radio and television. All day Sunday he had both tied up, so that when T.V. cut off he would run to radio to follow through. Now with Johnny here, he takes off with him and his wife to play miniature courses, drive courses, ping pong and bowling.

    Don't remember if we told you about Frank's sister's boy, the one I just mentioned. He took onto himself a bride by the name of Jean, a little Italian girl in her teens and he is only 18. They eloped and took off for Uncle Frank's. Yes, they arrived a few weeks before Christmas and have been staying with Frank. She learned how to cook with running around the stove with a book in her hand and a pot in the other and writing home to her mother for recipes, mostly how to cook spaghet and other dago dishes. You should appreciate her dilemma from past experience. Looks like John is going to get work and will stay on as a star boarder at Frank's.

    Something to be thankful for as that leaves your mother free to cook for Larry and me 100% again. Her with her sympathetic views, always cooked his meals for supper and we had him here every Sunday for meals, not mentioning her making his bed every morning and cleaning up his place. I'm hoping the arrangement works out so that they can stay on and be his house-keeper until he finds someone he can hook up with again. I am using up some of Mom's stationary that she got from Harry-Justy Paul and Cecilia for Christmas. Don't I catch up on some words finally by slipping the tail in the next line? [reference to his typing skills, or lack thereof].

    Hope this letter finds you recuperating very rapidly and that you will soon be back with slugger before he has his grandma floored with an uppercut or worn out with his gleeful pranks. Some sparkplug, always firing to keep going at full speed without missing. Never did find out if he is a six or an eight or even a 12, but I do know that he never misses, firing on all eight with a hot spark.

    Again we wish to thank you all for your kindness at the past yuletide season with your thoughtful remembrances which were so greatly appreciated I got your Mom a pair of dinner gongs to adorn those shelves in the parlor. They are made out of metal with a wooden mallet, hanging suspended from a circle and colored with engraving and etchings. All like them, even Bunk and family, ask them. Now the sun is out, nice and shiny, so I can explore the outside, which means signing off--love to all of you including the baby.



corrections by Mom


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