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By Irene Pfleger Wachdorf


mentions besides her husband and daughter Dolores

Carrie Baldwyn = friend from Chicago

Carolyn = Carrie's daughter

Frank & Peanut = Frank & Wilbur Schuch, friends of her sons from Chicago

friend of dad's from Chgo Heights--Warren Marshall

Mae, Ruth & Leona = her husband's sister Mae Wachdorf & daughters of his brother Joe Wachdorf

Frank = neighbor Frank Vrzak

Loretta = Loretta Harnois Vrzak, new wife of Frank & sister of Lydia Harnois, widow of her husband's late brother Harry

Charlotte = daughter-in-law, wife of son Jerry

A*** = Charlotte's son

B*** = Dolores' son


June 4 --55

Dear Dolores Les + family:--

    Haven't heard from you for so long I'm commencing to get terribly worried for fear there is something wrong are you all well + alright is the baby teething + cross or is it because you are so busy that we haven't heard from you. No one mentions haven't seen you or anything so I just can't imagine why we don't hear from you just a card will do honey if you're too busy. Got a letter from Carrie Baldwin this morning + she said Carolyn is real worried about you too as they sent you birthday gifts in March + haven't heard from you either + are wondering if they ever reached you or not.

    I know dad + I have been very neglectful in writing lately too but you know Frank + Peanut were here for 2 weeks + after they left a friend of dad's from Chgo Heights called + dad picked him up in Long Beach + brought him here + he stayed with us from Wed noon until Sat. morning when we drove him to Redondo Beach where he got a bus to Long Beach + from there another bus to San Diego where his brother lives. He is looking for work here with one of the Oil Co + is going to bring his family out here too.

    I'm still going to the doctor every week but hope it won't be for much longer as I am feeling fine only for that diet I'm on which doesn't let me eat very much or what I would like to eat either.

    Mae + Ruth + Leona are coming out here the last week in June + the first week in July + after they leave we are gong to go to Chicago--can hardly wait to see the new babies and all the old ones too--hope we find everyone O.K. when we get there as we haven't had much mail lately + am wondering if all is well with everyone back there.

    Dad has been quite busy lately in the yard + with Frank's wedding + all, us two being the witnesses again our time was quite taken up as Loretta, Lydia's sister that married Frank, was over here quite a bit and Lydia too--and now guess what happened, Loretta was operated on this morning for gall stones and her gall bladder broke just before they took her up to be operated on. After only being married since May 21st too bad for Frank too as he is just about where he was before he got married--he is feeling pretty bad about it too.

    Well darlings I wanted to call you but dad said a special delivery  letter would get there pretty fast so I settled for that--so you do the same + let me know by special delivery what's wrong + why we don't hear from you + I'll be praying that all is well + we will hear soon.

    Take good care of your sons as I can hardly wait to see them--wasn't A*** born on the same date as was B*** so now they can celebrate their birthdays together + you + Charlotte can celebrate them together too, how about the family get-togethers, haven't heard about them either for a long time--lets you all have one soon huh. Well darlings dad is waiting to mail this so toodle oo for now with loads of love + kisses from all to all

Love Mom

Sure hope nothing is wrong

Love Mom


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