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Handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

mentions daughter Dolores, the kids, son-in-law Les, his parents

also mentions eldest daughter of her son Jerry, name removed


note enclosed in birthday card. On card she has copied down or herself written:

Dear Dolores,

I wish this birthday card could be

    A really, truly visit

Where I'd see you and you'd see me

    And yet it isn't, is it?

But still the feeling is so real

    And so much warmth is in it

That maybe, after all, you'll feel

    Like I've dropped in a minute!

Happy birthday honey, and many many more

Love and Best Wishes,



Dear Dolores, Les + family:


    Was so very happy to hear from you and that you are going to keep us up to date on your daughter's growth activities. Will be very happy to hear about it. Happy to hear too that you are able to manage so well with the three of them so close and that Les is being so very helpful. I know he must be pretty tired when he gets home from work and I appreciate his being so good to you very much and I'm sure it means just everything to you. Thank him very much for me.

    I'm glad to hear too that you do take a nap now and then when the babies are asleep as it will help a lot to build up your strength and vitality which you need now very much.

    Hope the baby is good like J** was and doesn't keep you awake day and night like B** did, but of course dear little B** is a little angel now and really makes up for it by being so concerned about the baby. I bet there is many a step he saves you too by getting things for you when you have the baby such as diapers etc and he will gradually grow into being a bigger help as he grows older--dear little B**, already he has to assume the part of being the big brother in the family by helping J** a little bit and helping mommy look after P** too and I bet he likes it.

    How is Les' mother after her trying ordeal of taking care of two real boys? Has she been able to relax yet and how does she like her new granddaughter?  I bet she was happy too to hear you had a girl this time and Les' dad too.

    Well dearie we are real busy around here looking after all our shrubbery--peach trees are all in bloom and in about another week I'll have blackberries for breakfast again every morning and our fig tree has young figs on it already but our orange tree and grape vines aren't still doing anything in the line of oranges or grapes.

    Well honey I have to write a few lines to Jerry's eldest too so I'll say toodle oo

Love and kisses from all to all




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