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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter

People mentioned besides her husband Edward (dad):

Loretta Harnois Vrzak and husband Frank = neighbors (Loretta's sister was big Harry Wachdorf's 2nd wife)

Edward = her oldest son

Mrs. Kelly = Ruth Kelly, CA neighbor

Mrs. Cooke = Ann Cooke, friend of her husband's sister May, formerly of Chicago

Her daughter's children, names removed



Lawndale Dec 5 ---56


Dear family:

    So happy at receiving so many nice letters from you that I'm actually ashamed of myself for not writing sooner. Loretta (Frank's wife) has been dyeing her living room carpet for the past weeks and comes over here in the morning to have me come over and see how she is doing and to have a cup of coffee with her too--you know that's my time for letter writing between the time I get home from Mass + the time for me to call dad for breakfast so I've really fallen away behind in my correspondence.

    Frank was on the sick list yesterday and didn't even open the station so dad and I have to do some shopping for them today. This isn't such a nice day either as it has just started to drizzle a little bit, the first signs of rain we've had since early last spring so I would just as soon stay in, it probably won't rain hard though because the sun seems to be trying to peek out here and there and it isn't cold out either.

    Hope you have a mild winter in Chgo at least not much ice or snow as I worry about everyone getting to work and back when it gets icy. Edward has so very far to go that I really worry about him.

    Had a pleasant surprise last week. Mrs. Kelly, our neighbor next door, came over to visit with us for a little while and invited me to a Stanley demonstration at her house Friday night, said she didn't care whether anyone bought anything or not--but she wanted to get better acquainted with the neighbors as she and her husband are from Montana she doesn't know very many people here either.

    Had Mrs. Cooke--she's from Chgo lived right in back of us on Shields Ave-- here for some pinochle games a week ago last Sat night we had a lovely time--had lunch you know coffee and coffee cake and ice cream + cake  about 10 o'clock started to play about 8 and then after our coffee and we played some more pinochle until after 12. I only hope they come again soon--we were invited to their house some time ago but on account of my ear ache I told her we would come after I felt better as it wasn't only that my ear ached, I couldn't hear out of it either and wouldn't be very good company.

    Oh honey how much I wish we could be in Chgo over the holidays what a big thrill we would get out of seeing all the kids with their Santa Claus surprises--your family especially. B** is getting a bigger thrill out of it this year than ever. J** just big enough to appreciate it all a little more than he did last year + little P** real starry eyed about it all. I feel sorry for B**'s toys and things and maybe P**'s too as I can just see J** taking possession of whatever he sees no matter who it belongs to. Well honey I want to get this in the mail this morning and as the mail man is due in 15 min I'll say toodle oo for now with Love + kisses from all to all

I am as ever

You loving + devoted


I can just imagine how happy Les' mother will be having her family together again especially at Christmas. Say hello + Merry Xmas to all.