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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

People mentioned besides husband Ed, son Larry, daughter Dolores and her children:

Rose's daughter --Rose was daughter of her son Ed, and the daughter mentioned is her eldest

Ed's eldest = Rose's older sister

Jinnie = daughter-in-law, wife of son Frank/Bunky

Mary who takes her to church = Mary Armstrong

young man who gives her ride not yet identified

Frank = Frank Vrzak, neighbor


Lawndale Oct 30 --56


Dear Ones:

    Looking over my mail I noticed I had four letters from you that I hadn't answered so here goes. Received the pictures of the kiddies and was certainly very happy at receiving them, the little darlings really look wonderful and as you say I can really see your daughter has really developed into a little butter ball but still not like Rose's daughter.

    I am like you waiting anxiously to hear that Ed's eldest has her baby. I hope she gets what she wants boy or girl but I certainly don't care for any of the names she has chosen for them you'd think she was having twins the way I said the names she has chosen for them. Jinnie would very much like to have twins but I guess if there were any chance of her having twins the doctor would know it by this time. Well our family is increasing rapidly enough having just one at a time without wishing twins on any of them.

    I can see by your letters honey that your second son is really keeping you on the jump but he wouldn't be a real boy if he didn't. Larry really enjoys hearing about his latest exploits and when he reads your letters he just roars + yells out shitmitch which is his favorite expression, what a boy.

    Tell your eldest, the little dear, there isn't anything I would rather do than jump on a plane and come and visit him but once a year must do as we don't like to leave Larry to shift for himself too long or too often--especially since he has again begun to eat breakfast.

    Honey there isn't ever too much to write about from here as things go on about the same way every day. I get up at 5:30 and start getting Larry's breakfast which he starts to eat at about 6:10 or 6:15, he leaves for work about 6:25 and I leave about the same time for church. Mary of course picks me up except on Sat when I walk--I usually have a young man pick me up on the way and if he doesn't have to work on Sat he brings me home too. He has three small children all boys ranging from ages 2 mo. to 3 years and is a very nice man and very religious--goes to Communion every day. After I get home from church I eat my breakfast, wash the dishes, burn the papers and stuff and try to answer a letter or two and by that time it's time to call dad for breakfast.

    He has been doing quite a bit of weeding lately both in our yard and outside and has gone over to do some of Frank's too. The cord on our drapes broke and as we have to get Frank to put the new one on we want to do something in return. Poor Frank, whenever anything breaks or goes on the bum here the first thing we do is call on him--you see and remember that neither Larry or dad were ever good fixers and putting a new cord on the drapes really looks quite complicated.

    Frank hasn't been very well of late had terrible pains in his right arm and developed quite a lump all of a sudden right on his elbow. He went to the doctor and had it drained twice already but it still pains him a great deal, the doctor didn't tell him what is was either.

    Well darlings it is almost time for me to call dad because as soon as he has eaten his breakfast we want to out shopping as we have to get some candy + stuff for kiddies for Halloween. Do you take your boys Halloweening too as the mothers do out here? I think we have more than our share mostly because Larry treated them so good the year we were in Chicago he even insisted on our taking $2.00 from him for goodies for the kids too. Well honey it's close to 10 and I want to mail this before I call dad so toodle oo for now with lots of love + kisses from all to all,

I am as ever

your loving + devoted


As Thursday is a holy day of obligation I want to get all my ironing + mending done before then so all I will have to do on Thurs is go to Mass. I go with Mary to six and then go back again at 9:30 with dad after we get home then all I have to do is cook, eat + work on jig saw puzzles with dad which he enjoys more than anything. I'm sure he can almost put some of them together with his eyes shut--he has worked them so often.

Love Mom

Give all the kiddies a great big kiss from me and tell them I love them very dearly and can hardly wait to get to Chgo to see them + you and Les too and of course all the rest of the family too. Love love + love


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