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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

Mentions husband Ed Wachdorf (dad)

son Larry

deceased neighbor Millie Vrzak


Lawndale, Dec 10 ---57

Dear Ones:

    Not having heard from you for almost 6 weeks, I'm at my wits end wondering what could be wrong. Are you or is anyone in the family sick or something? I sent you a letter over a week ago and I still haven't heard a word and furthermore we haven't had a word from anyone else either so I said to dad if we don't get a word from anyone today I'll send this special delivery letter and if we don't hear then I'll call up. I haven't been able to sleep thinking and wondering what could be wrong.

    I know I haven't written either but when we got home here from Chgo our house was in such a mess I thought I would never get it straightened out. Larry had painted the kitchen + den and had everything piled up all over even on our bed--in fact he still has the clothes closet in the den to paint and I hope he will do it over the week end.

    I have been worried and upset too as Millie's case is supposed to come up in court this week and of course I will be called as a witness--so I'm praying real hard that it will be settled out of court soon.

    Well darlings hoping that all is alright with you and your family and the rest of the families too and that you will all forgive me for not having written sooner and drop me a line so I will at least have peace of mind soon. I will say toodle oo for now with loads of love and good wishes + kisses I am as always

your loving + devoted Mom

Please write immediately.

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