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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to daughter Dolores

mentions husband Edward (dad), son Larry, son Francis, and Dolores' second son (J**)

Lawndale Jan 26---57


Dear family:

    I haven't heard from you for almost three weeks and again I'm worried whether everyone or everything is alright there. The first thing I thought of and what I've been worrying about is how is J**'s head + with him taking the bandage off so much I hope he hasn't gotten an infection in it.

    You say he is the first one to have stitches, well I hope too that he will be the last but you know boys--didn't almost all of ours have stitches and broken noses--the only thing we didn't have was broken legs or arms. We came close though because didn't Francis have his knees hurt, both of them too, and he had broken toes and fingers too after he started playing football.

    I thought of J** first because he had just recently been hurt but are the rest of the family O.K. Since we heard you are having such cold weather in Chgo I'm hoping and praying that you all get through it without catching bad colds etc.

    We have had some rain of late which we needed very much so your poor father has to say in the house and play jig saw puzzles all day and you know how much he hates that. No fooling though he is anxious to get started on pruning the roses etc but as they are still blooming he really doesn't mind waiting for the rain to stop too much.

    You know your crazy golfing brother Larry gets up at 5 o'clock every Sat morning and goes to the golf course to make reservations for the next Sat but they've made a new ruling that each person can only make reservations for four and as there are 12 boys that go--3 fellows have to be there to make them so he meets the other 2 fellows there (each time there are two different ones) and brings them home for breakfast with him and after that they go back to the golf course this time to play. Well this morning he had an extra treat for the boys because he took quite a few pictures at the golf course (Rancho) of the pros when they were at that tournament they all went and were gone all day--so after breakfast (he now has a screen and a projector) he showed them the pictures (all colored film) and it was really amusing to hear the comments--did you notice how he was standing--how he was swinging and so on. I even got a real kick out of it. Well honey, hoping everyone and everything is bright there as it is here. I will say toodle oo as it is 10 o'clock and time to call dad--hoping and praying that I will hear from you real soon

I am as ever

your most loving, devoted +



Haven't heard from anyone else either since we got the tape, seems like when one quits writing for a while everyone else does too so write soon but if you are real busy just a little note will do

Love Mom


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