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by Edward Wachdorf Sr, handwritten

people mentioned:

mom = Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, his wife

neighbors Ruth & Leo Kelly & their son John, Janet King

son Larry

Baldwin = Irene's friend Carrie Baldwin


Feb 18 --1961


Dear Ones:

    First a legitimate apology. Finding time between being an intern, dishwasher and I mean that--1st it's my breakfast, also Larrie's dishes to wash. Then Ruth makes Mom some mush--poached eggs, toast etc so I get more dishes. I eat lunch with Ruth and John and wash dishes again. Then the usual turn of clearing up after Mom's lunch. Now comes supper which don't make too much as Larry and I eat T.V. dinners with throw away dishes. Just cups, glass and silverware to wash. Then Mom's after that and I'm thru with the dishes for the day.

    Ruth gets up Mom each morning about 9:15 a.m., dresses her after seeing her bathe and wash up, little primping and then feeding. Oh  I forgot the ashtrays from Ruth, Janet and Leo sometimes to be cleaned up daily. Might mention right now--Ruth also rubs Mom down each night to relieve some of her back aches. Enough for the nurses.

    She sits up each day a little longer now prolonging her sit up exercises for 2 or 3 hours at a time. Also 3 to 4 times a day. She is really getting along marvelously

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Getting Scotch, using both sides of the paper. As the old saying goes, improvement is fastly on the improve. Her mail is a big encouragement as she now knows everyone is helping her with prayers and good wishes.

    Ruth is tops, nursing Mom, washing our clothes, cleaning up the house and I mean that, even mopping floors, dusting and vacuum cleaning. She dropped a subtle hint to me by her volunteering to hose down the porch which was full of sand after the sewer men left. So I relieved her of that thought by doing same. She would stay all day and night if permitted.

    Everybody back there just relax and know all is being taken care of by us and neighbors. Just keep up and on the right side of our Maker and all will come out fine. Also will try and keep you posted of all latest developments, good and bad. You probably have heard the worst so from now on it's for the good--good--goodiest. We all send our heart felt love. Don't forget to notify Baldwin. Thanks,

Love Dad, Larry + Mom

cc Dolores, Bunk


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