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by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

removed names of grandchildren (kids of Dolores & of Jerry)

Ruth = Ruth Kelly, neighbor

Larry = her son

dad = her husband, Edward Wachdorf Sr

Jerry = her son

Charlotte = Jerry's wife

Harry = her son

Dolores = her daughter


Lawndale Oct 25  -61


Dear Ones:

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family another darling little girl. No doubt the two older girls were really thrilled at having a new baby sister but the two boys were probably a little bit disappointed at it not having been a little brother. No matter, you have a wonderful little family and I sure wish we lived a little closer so we could see them all at least once in a while + not only once a year.

    Well we arrived home O.K. had a real nice plane trip and found everything just fine. Ruth sure took good care of Larry doing his washing, ironing and even changing his bed.

    We certainly enjoyed our visit to Chgo very much especially since we were able to spend almost a week with you, and I do want to thank Les very much for taking me to church every morning as that meant so very much to me. It was so wonderful seeing you all and being with you all that I will be thinking of it until we again make a trip to Chgo if God Wills and we will be able to.

    First time we saw Charlotte + Jerry's house and it really is nice--thought she had four bedrooms though of course now that their oldest son is in the Navy she has room to spare. Their youngest daughter sure is a sweet little darling and like Jerry says she is like an octopus hands getting into everything all over.

    Happy to have found everyone feeling O.K. but still wish Jerry + Harry + Dolores would put on a little weight. I have gained about a lb since we got back (now weigh 97 lbs) and hope to put on some more. Am feeling a lot better although I still show blood but as I am taking blood medicine all the time it probably makes up for what I lose.

    You probably heard about the heat wave we had here after we got back, it was 102 for about three days and after the nice weather we had in CHgo we really felt it. Dad is outside sprinkling as we still haven't had any rain and everything is really dry. He is feeling pretty good and besides sprinkling and pulling weeds he still works his jigsaw and cross-word puzzles--bought him 2 new Guild puzzles yesterday 340 pieces each and as soon as he has his lunch he will probably start on one of them.

    Well dearies it is time for me to eat my lunch 12 o'clock--dad eats his at 2 so I will say toodle oo for now with God's blessings on you all I am as ever

your ever loving


If we had known you were going to have the baby so son dad said he would have let me stay over another week or two--darn it anyway.


Be sure and send me a picture soon