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From Della Hodges Hardison to her husband's son:

envelope postmarked July 6, 1965 (checked, it was a Tuesday), about two weeks after her husband's death



Tuesday morning


Dear Les, Dolores, + children,

    Hope you all are well and had a nice Fourth of July. I went to Sunday School at Twin Creek Sunday morning + spent the rest of the day at home by my self. It was so lonesome. I can see + hear Bill in everything I do. I know that only time can east the heart aches + I don't have too much of that left. I haven't tried to do anything much yet. Have had two calls about the bailer but haven't sold it yet. I asked at the Revenue Office about changing the title on Bill's car. They said the two of us would have to sign an affidavit or release to one before the title could be changed. Let me know what you think is best. I don't know what we could get for it here. I would like to sell my old car + drive Bill's car if I can learn to handle it. Some how it seems Dear to me + is a much better car than mine.

    Have had a lot of nice cards + letters. Everyone has been kind + thoughtful. I will always remember how sweet you all were to me + pray that in having to give up Daddy we will all still feel a need for each other + that you will come visit me often and I am going to try to come see you before too long.

    We'll let you know how things are here with me from time to time + you do the same.

    Give my love to the children. By for now,


Love always,


PS the bluebirds that have their nest in box on walnut tree have little ones. I see them carrying in food + sitting on the fence. We had a good rain Sunday evening late + some strong wind. I went in the storm cellar.


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