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From Della Hodges Hardison to her stepson's wife


Tuesday, Sept. 13--1966


Dear Dolores + family,


    Was I glad to get your letter. Had begun to worry about you.

    Was sorry to learn of your father's death and I know that you will miss him, but as you said, we have so much to be thankful for. Please remember I'm thinking of you and will be with you all the way.

    I know it's been hard on you, all these things happening, but you will soon be home together again and that means so much.

    Thank you so much for the check. I'm buying something I can wear if ever I get to visit you. Maybe when you get to Greenwich and I get started pretty good on my art course from famous artists schools, I'll run over + see you all and the school too. I've just enrolled for a three-year home study course. With that and my house work I will be pretty busy. I still have some of the cattle and bought six head last week. Will have to get some fencing done etc. All this will help me to get back some of my income tax money I paid in this year. Then you have to keep mending on the farm or everything will fall apart. My brother from Arkadelphia has promised to come up soon + help me.

    I haven't been anywhere this summer except my sister + I went to visit my brother + family for a couple of days, then he went on with us to visit our other brother in South Texas (San Benito). We were gone a week + I really enjoyed every minute of it. Have planned for months to visit you + Les + Ida but I don't like to travel alone. But some day, the Lord willing, I am going to do just that. I would love so much to see the children. I hear from Ida pretty often. She said that they had a pretty hot summer in Denver! That Bill's crew was working so hard on that new project that they had asked everyone to save their vacation until after October 1st. She said that they were all well + that the children were growing by leaps + bounds. I know they are and that yours are too, and if Grandmother doesn't hurry up + get around she won't recognize them. I must run now. Write me + give my love to Les + the children.

Love always,