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From Della Hodges Hardison (3rd w/o William Leland Hardison) to her stepdaughter Ida

Primarily regarding the settling of the estate of her late husband, Bill (William Leland Hardison)


Two sentences I don't understand:
1--"We may soon have to divide with the negros. But I doubt if they would want out on a farm" in reference to paying a lot of taxes selling off an estate.

2--"Seems like I have no one to turn to...Guess it's just really a matter of personal likeness." ??




Thursday Evening


Dear Ida + family,


Guess you are having some real summer weather in Alabama. We sure are here. The sun is so hot during the day that I wait until late, or begin early to mow the grass. Maybe since it isn't raining so much the grass won't grow so fast.

    I have been going to the dentist. My only bridge came out + I only had five front teeth so I let him take them out. Now I am trying to get used to false ones. I think maybe after my gums heal + the dentist gets them adjusted I can get along with them better. I also went to the doctor about this arthritis in my hands and knees. I feel much better and my knees don't hurt like they did and I can sleep so much better. It might be a sedative.

    Ida, what do you think about me listing the farm for sale for $100,000 and what would you want me to do about the 40 acres in Bill's name. Shall I list it with the rest or had you rather keep it just to see what the price of land will do? You can let me know how you feel about the 40 acres, also me selling or listing the farm. I sure hate to sell but the Broker said he believed her could sell before the frost. I had been thinking about selling but it never seemed so serious until the real decision is to be made. I know I can't run the place like it should be + keep it up. I have no plans what so ever. Would really like to be in a warmer climate. I was going to let the Hay Bailer + tractor go in at that price. The man said he could probably sell quicker for a down payment of $29,000 and the balance at 6% interest and 5,000 a year. What do you all think about that?

    I also don't know much about the income taxes, if I could invest again without paying  lot of taxes. Seems like you really don't own anything anymore. We may soon have to divide with the negros. But I doubt if they would want out on a farm.

    Wish I could see you all + discuss the situation with you. Seems like I have no one to turn to. Everybody has their own troubles. Guess it's just really a matter of personal likeness. Well it's about time for the mail carrier. Write soon how you feel about me selling for I want you and Les to be happy.

Love Della