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This is a transcription of Sis' transcription of what must have been a letter written in circles on round paper. Her transcription, in pencil on notebook paper, was undated and ends before the letter ended.


ďThis is what you would call a word or two from a circle of friends. Talk about a merry go round. You wonít know when to hop off. If it takes you as long to read this as it took all of us to write this, you will be dizzy long before you are half finished. I would suggest that you pin this on a tree such as a pinwheel and start twirling. Maybe you will have to go through a few calisthenics and after that you will have to see a chiropractor to straighten out the kinks. Half the world is running around in circles anyway, so after all this is nothing new, merely a repetition of our daily routine. They tell me that the censors must go through this also so censors please have mercy and think kindly of me, just a practical joker and perhaps a nuisance to you. But if it makes you all laugh, Iím sure it wonít seem so cruel. This much from your dad at present.


As long as dad is off the merry go round I guess Iíll get on. I havenít written very much yet but I can feel my head going around all ready. From now on one of these circles be a whole letter and I pity the ones following as my back aches already. Did you get dadís other letter and what did the bunch think of it, you know he always has something foolish up his sleeve. Iím too dizzy to continue so Iíll sign off. Mother


This is Dick now coming on at exactly 9:15 p.m. central daylight savings time. ďHello everybody, are you listening, OK Milwaukee, heigh ho everybody.Ē Milwaukee and your convent can sure boast of some hospitality. The night Edward and I stayed there we were sure treated fine. We went to the Wisconsin Theater and heard Duke Ellington. After the show we rushed back to the Sanatorium to get to bed early. We certainly had a nice room that night, and a very nice breakfast. Well, I end my coupled of circles and give someone else a chance. As ever, Dick.


Station Arthur broadcasting. Wave length 334. I went from one end of this letter to the other looking for ďwormsĒ (for fishing of course) but Iíll be darned if I could find any. They might have to crawl but they havenít anything on me the way I am crawling around this circle. Daddy meant that I wanted to get crabs for bait but he wrote worms, which pleased his sense of humor more. Iím going around in circles and not getting anywhere so I guess Iíll sign off. PS Dishes are waiting for me anyhow. Art


Dear Sis I am so happy that you are happy. Lot of love, Aunt Louise Pfleger


Dearest Irene: I come visiting your mother and the first thing I knew your Dad had me standing on my head writing this letter. Received your S.O.S. yesterday and everybody said to say hello. Bill read the whole letter and I told him that when I wrote you he could put in a word or two. Will write more when I get my balance again. Loads of love, Lucille. PS Sears Order is OK now just told HJ it was. Again, say a little prayer for me, Lou


Say big girl, when do I get a letter from you! I must be at the bottom of your list. When you have nothing to do just drop me a line. Say a prayer for me for my intention. Your Bestest Aunt  Adele.


Dear Sis: I come over to see your folks and the pictures of you and immediately they put me to work in the ring. I hope you like it up at the convent. I havenít any peace here. You Dad is keeping on telling me to twistó


(and there the transcription ends, so whatever the rest of the letter said, itís lost)


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