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Chicago, Sept 30 1932


Dear Sis:--

I am not going to write very much as I am out at Aunt Gertieís and donít want to take too much time out to write. Thought I would drop out and see Leona as I havenít been to see her since she took sick. She is feeling pretty good now and expects to go to school soon. Mrs. Fischer was buried yesterday and I met all of our old friends there and they were all asking about you. I met Mrs. Neuman there too and she was asking me if I knew her daughter, Sister Clarissima. Perhaps you know her. Now I am going to ask for her when we come up visiting Sunday. I also met Mrs. Klingenbeck. She told me she saw you when she was out and that you were fine. I hope so as I have been thinking of you all the time. I can hardly wait for our time to go out. Sister Fidelia told me she saw you too and that you were fine so that made me feel better.


I wish you could write oftener but then I suppose Iíll get used to it soon and will be satisfied to wait until after letter writing day. Your brothers and sister were certainly happy at your little letters and Larry keeps telling me I have to help him write a letter to you. Dad told me to tell you he wasnít sending any letter this week but he wonít miss next week. What did you think of his last letter and are his little jokes allright? You see he is always thinking of doing something unusual. I wish I could tell you his next prank but that would take all the joy out of finding it out for yourself.


And before I forget it I must ask if it will be alright for Mrs. Marek, Viola, Milton, Mrs. De Muro and Marie to come out on visiting Sunday as they are all set to go. Viola was at our house for supper last Thurs night and stayed all night, went right to work from our house. We had quite a nice visit with her. Lucille was in last night and said the Hanleys etc wanted one of your pictures as the thought you looked very sweet in you outfit (I hate to send the pictures to you as I am afraid theyíll get all bent up but Iíll send you one of yourself and Marie and when I come out Iíll bring the rest. Iíll also include one yourselves and Sister Louise. I am going to bring Dolores, Larry and Francis out on our first trip as it might be too cold later on so hoping this letter finds you well and happy. I will close remaining as ever,


Your loving mother


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