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George Kary

 12-30-1920 to March 1983

(not to be confused with his uncle, born c. 1902 in WI)



   Margaret 1915-1967

   Paul (died as an infant)  








   Elizabeth (Betty)




Due to Abraham Kary's military postings, this family lived in many states, including IL, IN, TX & NM





3-2-1926 to 3-14-1993



  two daughters




names of current generations omitted to protect their privacy


George's parents:

Abraham Kary


 Ethel Mae Wiles

Marjorie's parents:


His maternal grandparents:

David Wiles & Rachel Huller


His paternal grandparents:

"Anoven" and "Rafe" Kary

his maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1888-Pearl (Cook); an aunt with the married name Dodson; 1891-Mabel; c.1894-Clifford Wiles; c.1904-Franklin Wiles


paternal aunts & uncles:

1894-Michael Kary; 1895-Charles Kary; 1897-Elias Kary; 1899-Mary; c.1902-George Kary


Her maternal great-grandparents: David H. Wiles & Susan

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IF ANY KARY OR WILES OR HULLER FAMILY MEMBERS STUMBLE ONTO THIS PAGE, I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Especially interested in seeing photos, for reasons explained below.

George Kary in his twenties. Photo courtesy of his granddaaughter.

His mother, Ethel Mae Wiles Kary, in 1956

his sister, Marge

Aug 1935, clockwise from tallest: Larry Wachdorf, brother Bobby Kary, niece Margie Wachdorf, sister Betty Kary, Dolores Wachdorf



As sent by email in 2006 by his sister Marge's youngest daughter:

"Ethel Mae (Wiles) Kary was born 11-05-1899 in a covered wagon outside Lawton, Oklahoma. Her dad was David Jasper Wiles and he was one of the first homesteaders in the Oklahoma land rush. Her mother was Rachel (Huller). She (Ethel Mae) married Abraham Kary, and they had 12 children--don't know the order they were born but here goes--Margaret, Ruth, Elizabeth (Betty), Mary, Ethel, Charles, Clifton, George, Paul (died as an infant), Robert, John and Richard. My mom used to say that she was raised in San Antonio, a block away from the Alamo. In an autobiography that she had written, she said her dad was born in Chicago. I know he was a military man and gone most of the time. Mom used to say that he only came home to get grandma pregnant, and then he was gone again. After Aunt Ethel was born, he never came back. He died sometime around the 1960s. I remember there were no tears at the funeral because no one really knew him. The casket was closed, so I still don't know what he looked like. It seems to me he was still affiliated with the military when he died, but I'm not sure...My son found a grocery store in Chicago with Kary in its name. I think he said it originally belonged to a Michael Kary which was one of grandpa's brothers. I remember seeing a picture of grandpa's sister that mom had in an album, but I couldn't tell you what her name was. My brother took all the family pictures, and only God knows where they are now."

Based on the above...


1900 census, Janesville Ward 2, Rock County, Wisconsin:

(the first name is not legible--census taker's notes were written over it--but the transcriber put it down as "Anoven")

"Anoven" Kary, born Dec. 1867, married 8 years, born in Syria of parents born in Syria, immigrated 1890, dealer--fruits.

Wife "Rafe" Kary, born 1872 (no month given), mother of 5, all 5 surviving, born Syria, immigrated 1891.

Son Abraham, born Feb. 1893 in IL

Son Michael born Apr 1894 in IL

Son Charles born Dec 1895 in Wisconsin

Son Elias born July 1897 in Wisconsin

Daughter Mary, born Oct 1899 in Wisconsin

(their neighbors, a Razook family, are also from Syria and immigrated in 1891. I mention them because Mr. Razook is also a fruit dealer. Perhaps the Razook and Kary family simply worked and perhaps immigrated together. Perhaps they were kin.)


1905 Wisconsin census taken June 1, 1905, in Janesville, Rock County

"Ameen" Kary, 35, widowed, born in Assyria of parents born in Assyria, fruit merchant

Abraham Kary, son, 12, born in IL, clerk in store

Michael Kary, son, 11, born in IL, clerk in store

Charles Kary, son, 9, born in WI, no occupation listed

Elias Kary, son, 7, born in WI

Mary Kary, daughter, 5, born in WI

George Kary, son, 3, born in WI


1910 census, Chicago, Ward 19:

"Aheem" Kary, age 40, two years into his second marriage, lists his nationality as Tur-As-Syrian, immigrated 1890, naturalized.

Wife 2 "Melia" Kary, same nationality, immigrated either 1890 or 1896, mother of 5, three of them living

(note that all the children on this list had to be the first wife's because this marriage is only 2 years old).

Son "Ahohem" (Abraham), age 17, born in IL, occupation: printer--shop press

Son Mike Kary, 16, born IL, occupation: press feeder

Son Charles Kary, 15, born Wisconsin, occupation: office boy

Son Elias Kary, 12, born Wisc

Daughter Mary Kary, 9, born Wisconsin

Son George Kary, 8, born Wisconsin.

1920 census, Camp Furlong, Luna County, New Mexico (where Charles "Carry" was born--see 1930 census under Wiles, below): listed in the barracks with all the others, Abraham Kary, soldier, age 27, born in Illinois, father and mother born in Syrian Arab Republic (note that in 1918 Arab troops under Emir Faysal, with the support of the British, took Damascus, ending 400 years of Ottoman Rule, hence making it the Syrian Arab Republic instead of just Syria). I could not find the rest of the Kary family in the 1920 census.

1925 Official National Guard Registry shows an Abraham Kary, tech sgt with m.d. training, stationed in San Antonio, TX. (Reported Feb 22 1921)

Texas birth records show Clifton Frank Cary (son of Abraham Kary and Ethel May Wiles) born 7-31-1928 in Bexar County (Social Security death index, Clifton F. Kary born 7-31-1928 died 5-21-2006 La Grange, IL).

3-5-1941 Abraham Kary born in 1893 in Illinois enlisted in the army again. Enlistment city: Chicago. Branch: Medical Department (including Dental Corps and Army Nurse Corps). Grade: Private. Component: National Guard. Education: 4 years of high school. Height: 65 inches. Weight: 126 pounds. Marital status: widower, without dependents. (Side comment one--he's not a widower, tsk tsk. Side comment two--rank is private? That many years in the military and he's a private?)

Social Security Death Index: Ethel M. Kary born 11-5-1899, died August 1992.


1870 census, Adair County, Missouri, Township 62 Range 15: David Wiles and family as listed below in the 1880 census, with an oldest son, Jacob, 24, born in Indiana, and Nancy E, 16, and the son who is called Martin C. in 1880 is called Columbus M. in 1870

1880 census, Butler County, Kansas, Douglas Township:

David H. Wiles, age might be 57, farmer, born in Indiana of parents born in Kentucky.

Wife Susan, 45, born in Kentucky of parents born in KY.

Son David J., age 23, born in Missouri, occupation: laborer.

Son Martin C.,19, born MO, laborer;

Son James, 14, born MO, laborer

Son Hiram D., 12, MO, laborer

Son George W., 10, MO, laborer

Son Lee M., age 5 (and finally young enough not to be a laborer), born MO.


1910 census, Lawton Ward 5, Comanche County, Oklahoma:

David Wiles, age 53, married 28 years, born in Missouri of parents born in the US, occupation: teamster.

Wife Rachel, age 48, born in Kansas of parents born in the US, mother of 8 of whom 5 are still living.

Daughter Mabel, 19

Son Clifford, 16

Daughter Ethel, 11

Son Franklin, 6--all born in Oklahoma.

Granddaughter Dorothy Dodson, 5, born OK, father TX mother KS

Granddaughter Ruth Dodson, 3, born OK, father TX, mother KS

"Granddaughter" but marked male Sidney Dodson, 2. Born TX, father TX, mother KS.


1930 census, Comanche County, Oklahoma, Lawton City, H Avenue (owned, value $1000, has radio):

David Wiles, age 73, born in Missouri, father born Germany, mother from Kentucky, married at 24.

Wife Rachel Wiles, age 65, married 16? (not quite legible, but first digit is a 1), born KS, father Germany, mother Ohio

Daughter Pearl Cook, age 42, born in Kansas

Grandson Charles "Carry," age 11, born in New Mexico of a father born in Illinois and mother born in Oklahoma.

(NOTE the insane census taker throwing in German parents is not accurate)

Putting these together I get that David H. Wiles and wife Susan had Jacob c. 1846, Nancy E c. 1854, David J c. 1857, Martin C (or Columbus M) c. 1861, James c. 1866, Hiram D c. 1868, George W c. 1870, and Lee M c. 1875. They lived in Missouri in 1870 and Kansas in 1880. Farmers.

Next generation: David J (born c. 1857 in  MO) married Rachel Huller (born c. 1862-65 in KS) and they had Pearl c. 1888 (Cook), unknown daughter married named Dodson, Mabel c. 1891, Clifford c. 1894, Ethel in 1899, Franklin c. 1904, and one more (because Rachel said she had 8, five surviving until 1910)


Huller: looking near David Wiles in 1880 I find a 15 year old Rachel Huller in Rock Creek, Butler County, Kansas. She is in the household of Lewis and Eliza (might be, transcriber put "Elspa") Thomas, and is listed as sister-in-law of the head of the household, so sister of Eliza. Both Rachel and Eliza list themselves as born in Indiana of a father born in Pennsylvania and a mother born in Maryland. The rest of the Thomas household, besides Lewis, 39, farmed (born Indiana from parents born in NC) and Eliza, 37, are children Mary, 11; James, 9; Lewis, ; Anna, 4; and Harry, 1 month. Tracking back from that Rachel, in 1870, in Butler County, town of Towanda, within the household of Albert Bailey (63, farmer from Ohio) and wife Mary (from Ohio), there are Mathias Huller, 20, farmhand, born in Ohio; Jacob Huller, 16, farmhand, born in Indiana; Mary Huller, 12, born in Indiana, and Rachel Huller, age 5, born in Indiana. Relationship to the head of the household is not listed in the 19870 census. Nothing guarantees this is the right Rachel Huller, but it is suggestive. I have not put these Hullers in the index, because I am not sure of them.