Heimbuck & Hudson

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information for this page taken (with permission) from an extensive and detailed family tree posted on Rootsweb entitled "Polo Illinois Fennells." It is a beautifully done family tree, detailed, comprehensive, and best of all, filled with little personal details that turn names and dates back into people.

Blanche Elizabeth O'Connor 5-23-1912 to 7-21-1970

parents: Patrick Joseph O'Connor and Blanche Estelle Crouch

paternal grandparents: Patrick "Paud of Clarr" O'Connor and Mary Fennell

maternal grandparents: Michael Fennell and Elizabeth Bunce

spouse 1: John Heimbuck

spouse 2: Matthew Hudson/Hutson

children: current generations not listed to protect their privacy

Connection: Blanche's grandchild married in

Blanche Elizabeth O'Connor Heimbuck Hudson is buried in the All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines. According to her grandchild, Blanche's children by her first husband were adopted by her second husband. According to the Polo Illinois Fennells family tree, John Heimbuck was a Chicago police officer.