Jessie Warmath

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I was sent a detailed Warmath genealogy in 1998 by Connie Lane, descendent of the Chesterfield Warmath line. She sent it with the note, "The Rosamon info came from Barbara Morgan and the Warmath info from John Warmath (except my branch)." The information that follows comes from her tree, though I will try to back it up by looking up and adding any official records I can find. Anything in italics in the first section was not part of Connie Lane's original information, but is supported by something in the second section.

Jesse Lafayette Warmath 7-4-1889 to 9-11-1978

parents: Benjamin Warmath & Edna T.

paternal grandparents: Henry H Warmath and Frances A. Clement

siblings: Apr 1886-Robert H Warmath 1886; Apr 1891-J.B. Warmath; Apr 1893-Etta M Warmath; May 1895-Hosie Warmath; 1905-Maurine

Spouse: Mattie Brooks 1-6-1898 to 7-5-1994, married 1922

children: Dorothy Nell Warmath 3-16-1923 to 2-3-1924

Information beyond this point not part of Connie Lane's original tree.

1900 census, Madison County TN, District 16 (his brother Robert is in the same district): Benjamin Warmath, age 41, born June 1858, born in TN of parents born in TN (as are all members of the household), farmer. Wife Edna F or T, age 32, born Oct. 1867. Son Robert H, age 14, born April 1886. Son Jessie L, age 10, born July 1889. Son JB, age 9, born April 1891. Daughter Etta M, age 7, born April 1893. Son Hosie, age 5, born May 1895 (the name is actually Hosea)

1910 census, Gibson District 2: Benjamin C Warmath, age 52, marital status has been overwritten to illegibility but probably says widowed, number of years in marriage: 24. Son Jessie, age 20, single. Son JB, age 19. Daughter Etta M, age 17. Son Hosea, age 14. Not quite legible daughter looks like Marina, age 5 (next census clear hand says Maurine). next household: Robert H. Warmath (Benjamin's son) age 23, in first marriage for 2 years, farmer. Wife Essie, age 19. (note that on the same page of the census is the Chandler family with daughters Sophia & Bessie. These girls eventually marry Everette and Vivian Cathey, sons of Vivian Cathey andLucinda Elizabeth Warmath Cathey--Benjamin's cousin.)

1917 draft registration: Jessie Lafayette Warmath, age 27, born "Jule" 4, 1889, in Humboldt. Employment: farming Dist. 2 Gibson Co. Employed by: self. Single. Grounds for exemption: finger off "wright" hand. Tall, heavy, with gray eyes and brown hair, he put that he had no disability, despite the missing finger.

1920 census, Gibson County, District 2: B.C. Warmath, age 61, widowed (everyone who follows is born in TN of parents born in TN, and all the men are farmers or laborers on farms). Son Jessie, age 30, single. Daughter Maurine, age 15. Next household: J.B. Warmath, age 28. Wife Hallie, age 21. Daughter Annie Lucille, 7 months. Next household: R.H. Warmath, age 33. Wife Essie Mae, age 2. Son Paul, age 9. Daughter Wilma, age 4 years 7 months, son James, less than a year (illegible fraction).

1922 Gibson County Marriages Jesse Warmath & Mattie Brooks

White Rose Cemetery has the following stones adjacent to each other:

Jesse L. Warmath 7-4-1889 to 9-11-1978 (Pvt US Army WWI)

Mattie B. Warmath 1-6-1898 to 7-5-1994

Dorothy Nell Warmath daughter of JL & Mattie Warmath 3-16-1923 to 2-3-1924

(White Rose also has the tombstones for the families of Jessie's brother Robert and J.B.)

TN State Library Archives lists among Gibson County veterans of WWI Jessie L. Warmath, born 1889, of Madison County. (It also lists his kin, Andrew C. Warmath of Crockett Mills TN and John T. Warmath, sailor.)