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toddler Sis (note portrait of her parents on the table behind her) c. 1914

another shot, without the smile

toddler Sis, no doll

Sis in her grandparents' yard (matches next shot, of her great-grandmother, Christina Alberg Klein)

Sis' great-grandmother, Christina Alberg Klein, matches previous shot of Sis

c. 1916 with her Aunt Mae, brother Ed, and her Aunt Clara Roster's daughters

same group, but her brother Art has joined in

unknown kid, Sis, Art and "Weinhober" (Harry)

her parents on the left, herself and Art, and Harry being held by friends of their Aunt Dell

her parents on the left, Art, herself, unknown man, her aunt Dell

Art, Sis, and the one that looks like a girl is Harry

Art, Ed, Sis labeled by Harry

Ed, Sis on trike with Art on her neck, and their Mom (looking pregnant which makes it 1916-17)

Did I mention their mother looked pregnant?

Sis and Art

Sis in the yard when they lived on the far South side

three shadowy shots of Sis c. age 5

Art, Ed and big bow Sis

Sis, Art, and lost to the shadows behind them, their Grandma Maria Grimm Pfleger

another shot of the same group with Ed in shadows and Harry being held

same day, Sis' grandma Maria Grimm Pfleger as visible as she got in these photos (holding Harry)

clockwise from left: Sis, Art, Ed Jr., Harry (yes, Harry), and Jerry (born 1919)

Sis in the snow, 58th St.?

Sis' first communion scroll, 1925

class photo, 2nd row far right (her friend Chris Wagner who eventually becomes her brother Ed's 2nd wife 3rd row 3rd from left)

Sis in school photo, 2nd row center (Chris Wagner 1st row 3rd from right)

From left, back: Sis, Eleanor Pfleger, Ed Wachdorf Jr. Front: Emil Wiedemann, Dell Wachdorf, Annie & Oscar Pfleger, her uncle Harry Wachdorf

Holding little sister, Dolores

Same dress, same day

with her father