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Photos, booklets, articles from/about St. Martin's church or school, Chicago's South Side.

Gallery One: specific class pictures

Gallery Two: miscellaneous photos of the church, anniversary booklets, priests

Gallery Three: photos of the church itself and its Christmas Crib sent by Christopher Ives



Gallery One: Specific Classes

If you can name someone in a photo, or would like to add photos, please contact jihardi@att.net.

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labeled formal class photo of children born c. 1888

Just the girls, children born c. 1888 incl. Hilda Grimm, Geralda Gotsch, Mae Howard, Irene Pfleger

the boys, children born c. 1888, incl Ed Wachdorf and Bill Gotsch

kids born c. 1912 possibly at 8th grade graduation, including Irene "Sis" Wachdorf, Chris Wagner and perhaps Dick Heagberg

girls born c. 1912, possibly graduation from St. Martin's Commerical. Irene "Sis" Wachdorf & Chris Wagner labeled

class photo of children born c. 1915 including Art Wachdorf

St. Martin's School Orchestra 1931

1931 children born c. 1917 including Harry Wachdorf

1934 kindergarten class including Dolores Wachdorf

1934, probably second or third graders, including Larry Wachdorf

1939 4th grade class including Dolores Wachdorf

1943 8th grade class, for full label see next

label of previous

1945 graduating class St. Martin's Commercial, left side

1945 St. Martin's Commercial center

1945 St. Martin's commercial right side

Gallery Two

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cover of 1936 golden anniversary booklet (have full copy)

not sure what this is--looks like nurses

1944 Christmas foldout postcard exterior

1944 Christmas foldout postcard, interior

Feb 1957 article from Southown Economist

unknown priest and Louise Pfleger

Louise Pfleger, child she sponsored, priest's name looked like Fr. Millin?

1961 flyer for Jubilee celebration

other side of 1961 flyer, with the horseman on the roof

Gallery Three

These photos were sent by Christopher Ives, with the following comments: 

"The statue of St. Philomena from St. Martin's (one of the church's many fine and wonderful statues) was made by the Daprato Co. in Chicago. She has glass eyes and was kept in excellent condition.  When everyone started to leave the parish, the church dispersed of some objects and families close to the priests were given mementos, certain statues, pictures, the large Christmas Crib was given to my family. Apparently, the church wanted to acquire a smaller set. The Christmas Crib was also made by Daprato in Chicago----one of the rams carries Daprato's name location and date of 1901.  The figures are large at 20 inches and in excellent condition and retain their original pigments.  The golden reliquary at the top was always displayed with the Crib and contains a relic of the wood of the manger housed at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.  The architecture of this reliquary matched that of the church.  Decorated with evergreens and blue lights. The photos of the church I took in 1989. The sun was only up about 15 minutes and it was raining the night before, and I was worried, that there would not be enough light. Note the gargoyles on either side of the front doors and also along the towers.  The relief of the Good Shepherd is above the door and there were others over the other side entrances...there will never be another to equal the exquisite elegance and jewel-like splendour of St. Martin's."

Statue of St. Philomena

The Christmas Crib