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Anyone wishing to add photos, information, captions, corrections, comments, biographies, or whole new branches to which this tree connects, contact quadrabolical@att.net (put "Wachdorf" in the name of your email). Current generations will not be posted to protect their privacy.


This site wouldn't be possible without the assistance of many people, but several deserve special mention.

    First, a big huge thanks to Larry Wachdorf, the late Jerry Wachdorf and Charlotte for sending the box of photos from California that started all of this.  

    Second, the late Harry Wachdorf deserves a big shout out for putting names on a lot of photos in that box, but even more for adding many photos of his own, and for the priceless audio recordings he made and saved, as well as a bit of film footage. Harry  and Justina took the time to go through photos, loaned many for copying or for keeps, and most importantly, Harry labeled them.  

    Third, the late Mary Lou Hardison Barnett Foutch (as many people know) was custodian of the Hardison family Bible and many photos, and she graciously shared her memories, photos and information with generations of Hardisons. On the right, that's Mary Lou Cyril Barnett Foutch at age 94 (yes, 94), holding a photo of her mother, Ida Tennessee Avery Hardison.

    I can't begin to name all the other people who have helped, especially now that the internet provides access to kin I never knew I had. Help came from many people whose names I can't mention without beginning to reveal too much about current generations. Credit is given where possible on individual pages, but thank you, granddaughter of Louis Grimm, granddaughter of Joe Wachdorf, grandchildren of Oscar Pfleger, grandchildren of Lou Pfleger, daughter of Fran Wachdorf, granddaughter of Kitty Wachdorf, son of Vinas Hardison, descendents of the Utschigs, the Falkenthals, the Warmaths, the Rosamons, the Avery family, and the following "cousins" from the internet: Alice Peterie, Pat Bishop, Sue Hall, Andy Clay Harris, Natalie Huntley, Connie Lane, Jinx Pate Lee, Nell Murchison, Meredith Sheridan, Shirley Martin, Stan Warmath, Mike Wokasch. I feel like an actress on Oscar night, because I know there are people I've forgotten to thank. Anyone who wasn't mentioned here, you're on the page that holds the information or photos you shared, and I apologize for leaving you off the list. 

Because I try to think of this every time I see someone's birth day of the week listed:

Monday's child is fair of face

Tuesday's child is full of grace

Wednesday's child is full of woe

Thursday's child has far to go

Friday's child is loving and giving

Saturday's child works hard for a living

but the child that is born on the Sabbath day

is fair and wise and good and gay.