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Note regarding mention of Uncle Oscar Pfleger and son: Oscar died 12-18-1932


Postmark 10-14


Oct. 13-1932

Dear Sis:

Received your letter this morning after looking for it all week and was very glad to receive it although you almost told me all the news last Sunday. We had an awful drive home as it poured all the way, didn’t get home until almost 10 o’clock. We left Cecilia and Christine off on our way home. Christine and Genevieve were here for lunch today and can you imagine just as we were sitting down to eat who should drop in but Edward Pfleger and Edward Wachdorf Jr. (Oh yes I forgot to tell you Edward is working with Edward Pfleger again for a while and Art got a letter from Brother Austin at De La Salle saying he may be called to work at the Boston Store for a few days work during their special Netcher Day sales.) Of course you know Edward knew the girls would be here and Uncle Oscar is away for a few days with the boss so it was fine coming home for dinner. Well we all had a fine time. Gen stayed until about 5:30 and Chris is still here (it is 10 o’clock now) as John is going to call for her. He came in for football practice. Genevieve said Helen Z. has changed her mind about getting married as she started to work today in Beverly Hills as governess or something. Anyway she is going to stay with the people and she figures if she likes it she will at least have a home, which the poor girl has never really had. I took Florence’s watch to her mother’s to have it repaired and will bring it back to Milwaukee Sunday. Tell her they are all fine. Also had a telephone call from Dorothy’s mother as she wants Uncle Henry to get a watch for Dorothy just like yours, don’t tell her though as I think they want to surprise her. I almost forgot I had a phone call from Viola today too, telling me they were coming out Sunday. Margaret A or B came in this noon too to cut my hair but as I had so much company she cut Dolores’ hair instead and is going to cut mine tomorrow noon. I told her you got her letter which was a pleasant surprise to you, so she said she might write again next week. I think Aunt Louise is going to write to you too and of course I have to leave her read all of your letters as George’s are so few and far between this year. Well Sis we are all fine and hope you are the same and as the baby is getting tired I will close with lots of love and prayers. I remain as ever,


PS Say a prayer for Catherine as she is very sick, had the priest and doctor at 4 o’clock Sat. morning


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