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Berwyn, Ill

November 10, 1932

Dear Irene:

I heard that my letter was the only one you received a few weeks ago. But, Oh! What a letter it was. This one isnít like that, because Iím not in such a sentimental ??? mood. I certainly was feeling blue then, but Iím over that now.


I was out to see your mother Thursday of last week. I helped her around the house a bit, and in the evening, Ed took me to 63rd & Halsted Sts for some lamp shade frames I had to buy. I certainly do enjoy going out and spending a day with your mother. In the afternoon we went to see the flat above Aunt Dellís.


I told my mother about it, and she was determined to move into it, but when my dad heard of her plans, he said he didnít want to live in a flat building. So those plans are foiled. I think it will be quite a while now before my mother makes any more plans like that, although my dad said he didnít care what she did about moving now. You see, heís worried quite a bit now about losing our house. Heís the only one working again. John was laid off last week.


As far as health is concerned, everyone here is O.K.


So much for news from home.


Now: --your mother was telling me you didnít look so good the last time she was to see you. She said she is, or was, a little worried about you. If you werenít feeling well then, I hope it was nothing serious, and you feel better now.


Iím still praying for you, and hope youíre doing the same for me.

Your pal,



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