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Mrs. L. Bullington

332 West 58th St. (11-11 postmark)

Dear Sis

Just a few lines hoping it finds you well and happy. I am glad to say we are all well and happy and that is something these trying times. I am always glad to read any news from you. Of course mother tells me all about you. I am sure you are very happy out there for that was sure a long desire. Well they say everything comes to those who wait. Well I hope you have put on your winter undies so you wonít catch more cold. I have been thinking so much about you. I even dreamt of you but I talk to your picture lots of times. There are so many things I wanted to tell you now I canít think of any. I am sure counting the time for you to come home for a visit. I sure miss you when I go over to the house. But we are getting used to it now. Once in a while I go over to see mother and Iíll see a wee little drop in her eye. Then she will tell me she was thinking of you. Say a prayer for her so that she will not feel blue and miss you so. I thank you for al the prayers you have said for me and mine and do not stop, just keep right on and I wonít forget you in mine. I think it is so nice that Edward is working if only Dick and Art could get something too. It would help so much but I think they will soon. I am always happy to read when mother gets a letter for she sure looks forward to getting then from you. There is not very much going on around here, every-thing like it always is. I sure get a laugh out of those funny letters your dad sends you. I bet it takes you a long time to figure them out if you ever do. I saw Christine the other day. She comes to see your mother quite often. Iím glad they do come to see mother because then she donít get so lonesome But little Sister is getting to be lots of company now. She talks just like a grown up person. Sometimes when you think of me, send me a little piece of Poetry like Florence sent to you or bring one home when you come home. Now Sis Iíll have to close as itís getting time for the family to get to bed. Do not bother to answer this just notify mother you got it because I do not want you to miss a chance to write home. For they all look for your letters and now I say goodnight and donít forget Iíll be seeing you


The Bullingtons


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