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Nov. 17, 1932

Dear Sis:

I heard about Florence Seeís illness, and I certainly hope she gets better quickly. Whatever you do, please keep from getting it yourself.


The Hawks A.C. held a bunco party last Tuesday, and Harry and I went. We each won prizes, Harry getting a bath towel and me getting a box of beautiful Christmas cards. Incidentally, Pete Link donated the cards. He is selling them this year for a dollar a box, so I got a good prize. There is a swell card in the box, which I have already marked for you.


Jerry makes his confirmation tomorrow night and Uncle Henry is his sponsor. I am sponsor for Conrad Trudeau, the boy who lives behind Wilsonís. Aunt Dell is Eleanor Pflegerís sponsor.


The De La Salle alumniís having their banquet to-night, but I canít go, because it costs two-fifty a ticket.


Englewood High School play Saturday again Morgan Park for the city football championship. Of course Dick and I will see the game.


Arnold Heagberg and I went down-town yesterday to try and get a job at one of the big stores for the Christmas rush, but we didnít succeed. Say a prayer for us, because we are going down again next Monday.


You better be sure to come home for the Christmas holiday, or Iíll come down to Milwaukee and get you.


You best brother,



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