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Berwyn, Illinois

November 25, 1932

Dear Irene,

I told your mother I was going to try to write to you every week, but somehow I slipped last week, didnít I? But I know youíll forgive me.


I was out to see your mother last week, and your dad put me to work on a letter for you. It probably wonít reach you for some time yet, because if each person is allotted three yards of paper, it will take quite a number of people to fill up the roll. He didnít tell me I would use three yards until I was all finished so my note may seem sort of scanty.


Jerry and I were at the football game on 57th and Shields yesterday, and we met Ed & Dick. Ed told me all about Florence. It certainly is too bad, and I will say some extra special prayers for her. I was glad to hear that youíre feeling O.K. again.


Last Saturday I got a little sore throat. I didnít think it amounted to much, so I didnít bother about it. It didnít get any better Sunday. In fact, it got worse, so I was in bed all day Monday nursing it. All I could have to eat was hot milk with honey and butter in it. But I had a date to go downtown Tuesday so I had to take care of it as best I could Monday. Here it is Friday already and I can still feel a trace of it, but if they wanted to keep me in bed, theyíd have to tie me down. Everyone else out here is O.K. and I hope youíre the same.


You didnít eat too much yesterday, I hope. When we met Ed and Dick yesterday, I asked him the same thing, and he said he couldnít move.


This is the last sheet of paper I have left of yours, so you can expect new stationary in your next letter from me.


Itís almost noon now, and if this letter isnít in the post office before noon, you wouldnít get it. John is waiting to mail it now (more next week on new stationary).

As Ever,


PS I need some extra good prayers right now, so will you pray for me?


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