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Note regarding mention of Oscar Pfleger: he died 12-18-1932.


Nov. 25 1932


Dear Sis:

As this will be the last letter before Christmas I will try and tell you all the news. Bernadette called me up last week and wanted to know how you and we all are. Also wanted your address so she will probably drop you a few lines too some day. Genevieve just called now and asked about Florence and yourself. Aunt Hilda called Milwaukee yesterday afternoon and was talking to Mrs. See. She said Florence was the same but they were hoping for the best. She also asked who it was calling and Aunt Hilda said it was your Aunt so she thanked her for being so much interested. I think Aunt Hilda is going to let me talk to Mrs. See tonight about 7 oíclock if she can get the line then and then I call our convent and let our Sisters know too. We certainly have been praying for Florence so if it is Godís will she will recover. We must leave it to Him.


Arthur went downtown this morning to see if he could get a job somewhere during the Xmas rush and it is one oíclock now he hasnít come home yet so letís hope he got on somewhere. I donít know whether I told you daddy is trying awfully hard to get Edward in at Sinclair. He thought they might put on another man in as loader out in La Grange and if they do Edward might be the lucky fellow. Anyway Iím praying hard that this will develop into a job for Edward as it would at least have a future and then besides he doesnít think he will be working with Uncle Oscar any longer than about Dec. 1st.


No doubt you will get Larryís letter when you get this one and Iím sure you will appreciate his efforts, also his wanting to write to you instead of to me. They were supposed to write to their mothers but Larry asked Sister if he could write to you instead. He tried to apologize to me by saying he will write to me next time and besides, he said, he sees me every day and he thought Iíd be glad he had written to you. He almost had me crazy until it was mailed. Dolores is standing alongside of me pestering me to let her write a letter to you too.


Lucille stopped in Wed. night I think from work and she is looking fine. She said Mrs. Veara (?) helps her a whole lot with her work and she is getting along fine. Christine hasnít been in for about a week. I hope there isnít anything wrong at their house. Grandma Wachdorf is having her front porch all closed in like out back porch is and it looks fine. They are all well and Aunt May is still looking for work. Aunt Frances is having quite a time as she has Uncle Frankís mother and father with her and they arenít thinking of leaving either. Uncle Harry hasnít got his business any more as he wasnít even making enough to pay his rent so Webb is back in there again but Uncle Harry has developed into quite a chef. He makes bisquick about every other night and sends us over a tin or two too. I told him we would be getting spoiled having hot biscuits or muffins every night for supper.


How did you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. I hope a lot more than I did because I got up at 6:15 and worked hard all day, as it isnít such an easy job to get a big dinner ready for our bunch and besides daddy bought a duck too, he got it real cheap and I had to clean and stuff that for supper, so I had a real day and Iím sure glad itís over. Daddy had the day off for a change so he slept rather late in the morning and took about an hourís nap in the afternoon and then we played pinochle in the evening and Dad and I beat Edward and Dick 4 games out of 5.


Mrs. Klingenback was here Monday afternoon and told me she had seen you and that you were fine. Mrs. Fichtel called and said you were fine too. Also the good news that Florence was feeling better. Of course we had the news since then that she was worse. Well Sis honey as Iíve about used up all my paper and still want to tell you to be sure and let us known when we can come up and bring you home for Christmas. Oh yes, Marie too, and maybe that girl from Peoria. I will close with lots of love from all to you and hoping this letter finds you in the best of health and God Bless you. I remain

Your loving mother


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