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Nov. 4-1932


Dear Sis:

Just a few lines to let you know we are all well and hope this finds you the same. How did your recital come out, had the whole family praying for you so you wouldnít make any mistakes, and how did the other girls come out in their exams, I hope they too all came out alright.


Christine was here all day yesterday as has been her custom for the last few weeks or should I say Thursdays. I was expecting her to bring her mother along but she had been out the day before, she couldnít find the time to go again, and what do you think, Chris and I were over looking at Aunt Lettieís flat (she moved you know over on Shields Ave in the cottage next to Susie Schubertís) as they might move back again if they can rent their place. Chris is still a lady of leisure and I suppose without her help it is pretty hard trying to make ends meet.


I am having quite a time trying to write this letter as the boys have just come home from church for breakfast. This is the first Friday, you know, and between giving them something to eat and write too with all their shouting itís awful. Arthur was out to Aunt Gertieís yesterday giving her a hand at cleaning the basement. Catherine is still pretty bad although she does have a pretty good day once in awhile. Harry is pretty busy these days trying to sell the most chance cards so he can win a beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart painted on white Velvet that Brother Austin painted. Oh how I wish he could win it. He has done a little bit better in his school work but itís still terrible. Francis is still almost impossible, you must pray hard for him. I think his report showed about Ĺ doz. 50ís and 60ís. I have been trying to help him and Larry both but I almost lose my patience with Francis. Dolores is having quite a time with her new clown doll. Well Sis as space is getting scarce Iíll close with love,




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