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From Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to her daughter Dolores

People mentioned:

son Harry, son Larry & Larry's boss Ernie, son-in-law Les

neighbors Ruth & John Kelly, and Mary

Hilda=Hilda Grimm Diver Forney, Irene's cousin


Lawndale Dec 8 --67



Dear Ones:

    For once I thought I would keep my promise + drop a few lines. I have a lot of work I could do but this being a Holy Day of Obligation I wouldn't do too much manual labor because I might not be able to do anything tomorrow. I went to Mass with Mary at 6 o'clock and with Ruth and John to 8 o'clock.

    Larry's old boss and his first boss too is being operated on today for open heart surgery and it will either give him a chance to get better or it will be fatal. Larry is very much concerned because he likes him so very much and he is such a remarkably nice person he has been in the hospital since Larry went on his vacation with a very severe heart attack and they finally said he would either have to have open heart surgery or it would soon be fatal. Larry always gives blood for open heart surgery but I don't know whether he had to give some to Ernie or not. He went to 6 o'clock Mass with me this morning and I know he offered it up for Ernie as he has been telling me every morning not to forget to pray for Ernie.

    Got 2 letters from you this AM and it sure made me very happy + to hear you were invited to a pre Xmas party and that you were all going to sing Xmas carols are all the children invited too how lovely. I'm sure you will all enjoy this very much. I hope Les will be here to enjoy it too.

    Well darlings I sure enjoyed your call last night and I think Les is a most wonderful and generous husband to let you call and talk over 3 minutes. I sure love him for it and for all the other nice things he does for you and his family too. You sure have a lot to thank God for--giving you such a nice husband such a nice family and such a nice father for your children too.

    Well darlings, I must do a little house cleaning yet today as there are some days I can't do anything and tomorrow being Sat I have to go get some kind of a start out today, so I'll say toodle oo for now and hope that this letter doesn't shock you too much because I'm liable to write soon again so hoping you are all over your flu sickness you al lhad and that you ohoney don't get it too so toodle too and Dog Bless you all

I am as ever your loving + lonely




    You will have to write to Harry for Hilda's address and I wish you would do it soon. I thought I had it but I only talk to her over the phone so I haven't got it.

Love Mom