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1967 letters

2-19-1967 Hilda from Hilda Grimm Diver Forney to Dolores

    People mentioned: Arthur & Charlotte Wachdorf, Eva Plaehn, Margaret Kary Wachdorf, Justina Hannigan Wachdorf.


3-21-1967 Rose from the daughter of Edward Wachdorf Jr. to Dolores

    Primarily about the declining health of Rose's mother, Margaret Kary Wachdorf (note that Marge died June 5, 1967).


4-11-1967 Irene from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to Dolores

    Talks about son Larry taking her and visitor Eva Plaehn (Charlotte's mother) around California to visit Eva's friends and relatives and see the sights and out for "swanky" meals. Mentions possible trip to Chicago, health permitting, for graduation of three grandchildren and to meet new granddaughters-in-law. Mentions visit by son Frank/Bunky. Talks of toddler grandson on Easter asking for sips of wine, saying he will get sick later.


4-13-1967 Art birthday card Arthur Wachdorf to Dolores

    mentions possibly attending Expo 67 in Canada along with wife, mother-in-law, Lottie Safranski, and daughter, grandkids, with possible visit to Bunky as well


6-5-67 death of Margaret Kary Wachdorf


7-12-1967 Irene from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to Dolores

    Mentions Larry, Jerry, Char & kids, Jinny, Barbara, neighbors Janet King & Ruth & Leo Kelly.

    Home alone (neighbor Ruth Kelly looking in) as sons Larry and Jerry and Jerry's family took off in over-packed car for a fishing trip involving a houseboat. Instructs daughter to put underwear in salad crispers meant as gifts for granddaughter and neighbor, to be mailed by daughter-in-law to airport. Hopes Dolores enjoyed trip to Expo 67 in Canada.


10-25-1967 Irene from Irene Pfleger Wachdorf to Dolores

    had a spell of different body parts going numb, not feeling so good, so heading to hospital for a check up. Worry about Dolores' kids going on ocean in boat. Miss everyone esp. when feeling off, "only have a couple of months till I'm 80 and that's a pretty good ripe old age." Dolores wrote on the envelope at some point, "Brain scan left hand still numb."


12-8-1967 Irene

    concerned about open heart surgery of son Larry's boss & friend, Ernie, which will make him better or be fatal. To church with Ruth & Leo Kelly & Mary. In praise of son-in-law Les for allowing long distance phone calls over 3 minutes. Request to ask son Harry for current address of her cousin Hilda Grimm Diver Forney.