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Letter from Rose Marie, daughter of Edward Wachdorf Jr., to Dolores Wachdorf


Names of the living intentionally omitted, and their relationship substituted in italics to show where it's been done. Note that Rose's mother, Marge, whose health is discussed in this letter, died on June 5, 1967.




(typewritten on "Sampson Chemical & Pigment" letterhead)


March 21, 1967



    How do you all like your new place? How are all of you? We're all pretty good here, except that I'm tired.

    Ma was going to the hospital every day for two weeks for treatments and the last two days of her treatment she had to have blood too. They were giving her cobalt treatments for her stomach, and her neck started up again.

    She goes to the doctor's again today for her neck.

    Thank goodness my husband travels as the house has been a wreck, the only time I've had to clean is on Sat. Yesterday I was home all day and I finally did some baking, I made cookies and cake.

    Today I decided to catch up on some letter writing, as I owe everyone a letter, I haven't written since xmas.

    (paragraph about her youngest sister intentionally omitted here)

    Well, that's about all for now as I want to get to the post office with these letters before I have to take my mother.

    My oldest son was real pleased with his game from you in fact he's playing it all the time, either with my daughter or the Boy upstairs.

    Write when you get time.


Love from all,

husband, Rose,

daughter, son & son


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