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He is mentioned in the following letters from 1932: 9-9-1932 Wachdorfs; 9-1932 circular letter; 9-23-1932 Viola; 10-13-1932 Irene; 10-21-1932 Irene; 11-4-1932 Harry; 11-10-1932 Chris (written by his future 2nd wife); 11-11-1932 Bullington; 11-25-1932 Irene; 11-25-1932 Chris (another one by his future 2nd wife. There are others on her page).

Also mentioned in the following: 1955 Apr 1 Irene; 1955 Dec 14 (both Ed & his eldest daughter), 1956 Sept 22 Irene (only mentions youngest daughter); 1956 Oct 18 Irene (again cites his youngest daughter as a better letter writer than her parents); 1956 Oct 20; 1956 Oct 30 Irene (pregnancies of two daughters); 1956 Dec 5 Irene; 1957 Jan 2 (also mentions oldest daughter)

Letters by his 1st wife, Marge: 1965 Oct 14 Marge; 1966 Feb 1 Marge

Wife Marge's health is mentioned 1966 Feb 8 Dolores; 1966 Mar 12 Hilda; 2-19-1967 Hilda and spoken of more extensively 3-21-1967 Rose; youngest daughter & new hubby discussed briefly 1968 July 25 Harry; Ed mentioned with Chris 1969 Feb 5 Harry

Edward John Wachdorf Jr.

4-26-1910 to 2-6-1984



  1912-Irene H. Wachdorf

  1915-Arthur Wachdorf

  1917-Harry Wachdorf

  1919-Jerry Wachdorf

  1923-Frank Wachdorf

  1926-Larry Wachdorf

  1929-Dolores Wachdorf



married 4-26-1934


Margaret Kary

2nd wife: Christine Wagner





  Rose Marie

  Edward John III









names of current generations omitted to protect their privacy


Edward's parents:

Edward Wachdorf


Irene Pfleger

Marge's parents:

Abraham Kary


 Ethel Mae Wiles

His maternal grandparents:

John Pfleger & Maria Grimm


His paternal grandparents:

Anton Wachdorf & Anna Klein


His maternal aunts & uncles:

c.1878-Henry Pfleger & Louise; 1880-Oscar Pfleger & Annie; 1883-Lou Pfleger & Gert; 1884/5-Dell Pfleger & Harry Wachdorf


His paternal aunts & uncles:

1883-Clara Roster & Henry; 1884-Kitty Hochertz & Tony; 1886-Harry H. Wachdorf & Dell; 1892-Joseph Wachdorf & Jessie; 1895-Lettie Myers & Harvey; 1897-Mae Wachdorf; 1899-Frances Stevens & Frank; 1902-Madge Wachdorf


His great-grandparents: Frank Grimm & Katerina Lukner

Jean Pfleger & Katharina Walter

John Klein & Christina Alberg

(Wachdorf ancestors unknown)

His great-great-grandparents & more in Pfleger Family tree

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Ed and his parents photographed the cheapest possible way

with his maternal grandfather Johann/John Pfleger

Ed with his father, paternal grandmother Anna Klein Wachdorf and great grandmother Christina Alberg Klein c. 1910-11

Irene Pfleger Wachdorf and firstborn, Edward John Jr.

Little Edward 1912

label of previous


label of photo of Ed on pony next to scary Santa

Ed on left with his Aunt Mae Wachdorf, his cousins (Clara Wachdorf Roster's daughters) and Sis, c. 1916

another shot, same day, with his brother Art in the shot too

Ed, Sis, Art, and their mother, looking pregnant so it must be 1917

same day, pregnancy more obvious

with unknown woman and his maternal grandmother, Maria Grimm Pfleger on right

same day

Art, Ed and Sis

same day, Harry in the arms of Ed's Grandma Maria Grimm Pfleger

clockwise from left, Irene "Sis", Art, Ed, Harry (with banana curls), Jerry (born 1919)

From left, back: Sis Wachdorf, Eleanor Pfleger, Ed. Front: Emil Wiedemann, Dell Wachdorf, Annie & Oscar Pfleger, and Ed's uncle Harry Wachdorf

9-5-1932 Ed Sr and Ed Jr visiting Sis at the convent

unknown man, Ed, unknown young man, Art

Ed with his brother Bunky (Francis)

colorized wedding photo 1934. His hair was not actually orange.

Art, bride Marge, groom Ed, Sis

from left: Harry, Char, Millie & Dick Heagberg, Irene & Art, Ed & Marge, Bunky (photo courtesy of Dick Heagberg)

back row from left, Dolores, Ed Jr, Harry, Bunky. Front row: Ed's kids, Irene, Charlotte Plaehn (Jerry's wife), Marge (Ed's wife)

July 1944 Bunky's wedding, from left: Larry, ??, Bunky & Jinny, ??, Ed

Ed and Marge at Niagara Falls (with his folks) 1949

Wilbur "Peanut" Schuch flanked by Art on the left and Ed on the right with Jerry behind

Ed & Marge on right with their family 1954

August 1954 from left, his aunts Mae and Madge, his wife Marge, himself on the ass, on trip to his parents' in California

From left, brothers Ed Jr, Larry & Jerry

From his mother's baby calendar: April 26, 1910 Edward H. Wachdorf (she wrote H) born Tuesday at 10 minutes to 11 o'clock weight 8 lbs... May 15, 1910, Penitent Sunday, Edward christened by Father Schikowsky in St. Martin's church, godparents Harry Wachdorf and Della Pfleger...November 8, 1910 Edward cut his first tooth, found by Louise lower tooth on right side of mouth." (Note: Tuesday's child is full of grace. Note also: all of Irene's children except Larry and Dolores were born at home.)

St. Martin's records--Name: Eduardum Henricum. Born: April 26 1910. Baptism: May 15 1910. Parents: Eduardo J. Wachdorf and Irene R. Pfleger. Address: 355 W. 58th St. Sponsors: Henry Wachdorf and Adelhaid C. Pfleger. Priest: F.J. Schikowski. Note: Married Margaret Kary on April 26, 1934 at St. Peter, Chicago. {sponsors: Henry Pfleger and Dell Pfleger}

1920 census, 649 87th Place, 9th Ward (Township: tract Ag. 5 bounded by 84th St. Cottage Grove 88th Place and precinct line State St.--this was out in the country at the time. They even raised chickens):

Edward Wachdorf, 31, office manager for oil manufacturer

wife Irene, 32

Son Edward, 9

Daughter Irene, 7

Son Arthur,4

Son Harry, 2

Son Gerald, 4 months

mother-in-law Mary Pfleger, widow

sister-in-law Adele Pfleger, 35, dress maker in a general merchandise establishment.


1930 census, 334 W. 54th St.:

Edward J. Wachdorf owns home value $6000, has a radio. 41, married at 21, occupation: agent for Sinclair Refinery.

Wife Irene, 42, married at 21.

Son Edward, 19, shipping clerk

daughter Irene, 17, doing bookkeeping for a stationary company

son Arthur, 15, no occupation

son Henry, 12

son Gerald, 10

son Francis, 7

son Lawrence, 4

daughter Dolores, 11 months

sister-in-law Adele Wachdorf (no longer Pfleger), age 45, married at 40 (though husband Harry Wachdorf is living down the street with his parents), occupation: seamstress for Dept. Store.

Letter written by his mother to his sister, 10-13-1932: "Christine and Genevieve were here for lunch today and can you imagine just as we were sitting down to eat who should drop in but Edward Pfleger and Edward Wachdorf Jr. (Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Edward is working with Edward Pfleger again for a while)...of course you know Edward knew the girls would be here and Uncle Oscar is away for a few days with the boss so it was fine coming home for dinner. Well we all had a fine time..." {Edward Pfleger mentioned is her brother Oscar Pfleger's son. Christine is Christine Wagner.}

Regarding getting married at St. Peter--one of his daughters reports that he was married at Crown Point, Indiana (just like his Dad). St. Peter is where his grandfather Wachdorf got married. Perhaps, like EJ Sr., EJ Jr. married both at Crown Point and in a church.

Social Security Death Index: Edward Wachdorf 4-26-1910 to Feb 1984 Oak Lawn (He had a heart attack, and had survived previous heart attacks.)

Obituary 1984: Mass for Edward Wachdorf Jr., a retired employee of the Sinclair Refining Co, will be said at 10 a.m. Friday, at St. Linus Church, 103rd and Lawler, Oak Lawn. Mr. Wachdorf, a long time Oak Lawn resident, died at Christ Hospital. He is survived by 3 daughters... a son... three stepsons... 2 stepdaughters... (names omitted to protect privacy); four brothers, Arthur, Harry, Frank and Larry (they left off Jerry!), a sister, Dolores (omitted to protect privacy), 14 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Visitation will be from 1 to 10 p.m. today at Blake-Lamb funeral home, 4727 W. 103rd, Oak Lawn. Interment will be at St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park.

Social Security Death Index for son Edward Wachdorf 2-1-1940 to 6-9-1995 Midlothian (He had Hodgkin's Disease)

Ohio Death Index: Rose Marie Creighton (father's surname Wachdorf, mother's maiden name Kary) born 6-26-1938 IL, died 11:50 pm 10-4-2000 in Wood County, Ohio, age 64. Education: grade 12. (She died of breast cancer that metastasized.)