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By Margaret Kary Wachdorf to her sister-in-law

names of living daughters removed and replaced with relationship, in italics to show where it's done

Also mentioned:

Ed--her husband, Edward Wachdorf Jr

Rose--her middle daughter


Dear Dolores + all--


    Received your lovely cards and thank you very much for your concern. I'm home now after 10 days in the hospital. Still weak as a kitten and almost as helpless as a baby. I'm draining from an opened stitch which didn't heal properly because of so much fat on my tummy. I'm not allowed to separate my legs in getting up and down in bed because the doctor is afraid of inside stitches breaking opened (result of one of her side jobs on me).

    Get set to hear about my operation because it's the only one I'll have, I hope.

    Friday, Sept. 24th at 7:30 A.M. I was wheeled into surgery. I was on the operating table five hours and an hour in recovery. I opened my eyes about 2:20 P.M.--hurting and trying to vomit. Ed was there all the time and my girls found out and came too. When the operation was moved up to Fri. instead of Sat., I told Ed not to tell the family as they would just worry. My youngest daughter however, called to wish me good morning about 9:30 and when told I was in surgery--well, the phones started buzzing and before long all 3 girls arrived.

    Really, I don't know what all was done to me. A 4 in 1 means 4 major operations performed at once. I guess I was a mess once they cut me open and took a look. I lost the uterus, right tube and ovary, appendix and had insides put back up into place. Clinical Diagnosis--Uterine Fibroids; Cervicitis; Right Ovarian Cyst; Rectocele-Cystocele. While they had me opened, they examined my heart, liver, gastric-hernia, kidneys, gall-bladder and pronounced all O.K. except gastric-hernia (next thing to an ulcer) which was greatly improved. I go back Oct. 21st for check-up, at doc's office.

    Phone calls, cards, gifts and lots of lovely people kept me from being too lonesome. Ed, Bless him, was there every day except once and that was because of working overtime, but he called Rose and she and her husband made it.  Rose and my youngest daughter have been taking care of me since I came home. Ed and my youngest daughter play nurse changing my bandages. I'll be off work for 3 months which would throw me back Christmas week (the worst time of all). I probably won't go back until the week after.

    Enough about me--I know you'll be very happy in your new home once you get all settled. It'll be a while, but someday Ed + I will get there to see you. Everyone here is fine--hope this letter finds you and yours likewise




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