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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

mentions husband Ed Wachdorf & son Larry is referred to as "your brother"

names of grandchildren replaced with "Jerry's eldest" and "Ed's youngest"

also mentions:

Les = son-in-law, husband of daughter Dolores

Dolores' children

Hilda = Irene's cousin Hilda Grimm Diver Forney

Henrietta = Irene's cousin & Hilda's half-sister, Henrietta Grimm Weren Callahan Doyle




Lawndale -- Sept 22 --56


Dear Ones:

    Just couldn't stand waiting to hear from you any longer, so I thought maybe if I'd write to you again you would remember that you owe me a letter and that you promised to let me know whether you were alright or not. I know honey that you have very little time for letter writing but just drop a few lines or even a card now and then as it means so much to me.

    It seems everyone has forgotten us. I've written to everyone and we haven't had a word from any of our family for it seems a year although I think it must be about a month anyway. If it weren't for Jerry's eldest and Ed's youngest I'd almost think we didn't have a family in Chgo that we worry about a whole lot out here especially when we don't hear from them for so long. I wonder sometimes whether we did anything to offend anyone when we were in Chgo last time. If you hear from anyone that we did something wrong please honey let me know as that is truly the last thing I ever want to do.

    Well darling how are you all--I suppose Les is busy working hard every day and I know you are kept pretty busy too every day--with your little family of three dear kiddies to look after. I keep thinking of you all + wishing so much I could see you. The kiddies are growing up so fast I imagine I wont' even know them when I see them again. Why don't you have just some little snap shots taken of all of you so I can at least see some of the progress the youngsters are making between the times we see you. I could hardly believe when I got the pictures of B** + J** that they had grown up that much why B** looks like a little man + J** looks like about what I imagined B** would look like only of course a little bit more grown up.

    Well dearie do you know your brother has again gone back to college-- he goes 4 nights a week Mon + Wed from 6 to 10 and Tues + Thurs from 7 to 10 and believe me it really keeps him hustling as now he only has Sat to go golfing as he is really studying hard. I think he gets lonesome sometimes too as last Sunday he even wanted to play pinochle with dad + I which I enjoyed thoroughly even if I did lose 30 cents.

    I really felt bad when his birthday rolled around and he didn't even get one card. Dad and I gave him some money to buy a bowling ball but he and dad went to the races at Del Mar 110 miles from here and left it all there and more, but he said he really enjoyed it and he wanted to see what the track was like anyway.

    I don't think he has been anywhere since the kids were here outside of golfing and now he even has to give that up for a while but I still hope he will finish what he is taking up this time. He said it was mathematics but when I look at all the rulers and drawings charts and everything else he has I wonder what he is really taking up. Anyway I hope it is really what he wants this time.

    Dad has been pretty busy of late weeding, sprinkling and taking care of the outside in general but he still finds time to work out a few jigsaw puzzles a day anyway.

    We have been looking for Hilda + the rest of them to get here but so far we haven't even heard from them. I got a card from Henrietta yesterday with her new address but nary a word did she write. I wrote to Aunt Hilda some time ago and told her we were expecting them but she hasn't answered yet either so you see everyone has forgotten us.

    Well honey this is Sat and I must get busy so hoping all are well and to hear from you soon. I am as ever your loving + devoted Mom

Love + kisses from all to all


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