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handwritten by Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

Names of living generations removed and relationship substituted, in italics to show where it's been done

mentions, besides her son Larry and husband Ed ("Dad"):

her son Harry

her son Ed, his wife Marge, their youngest daughter

her son Art, his wife Irene, their daughter

her son Jerry, his wife Char, their eldest daughter

her son Francis/Bunky, his wife Jinny, their two sons

her daughter Dolores' new daughter and existing sons, husband

Jean & Johnnie = John Folz and wife Jean Casello, former neighbors/friends of Larry

Dick & Millie Heagberg & their children (Dick was husband of her late daughter, Irene "Sis")

Ann Cooke, Redondo Beach resident who knew May Wachdorf in Chicago

"Aunt May" = May Wachdorf, her husband's sister

"Aunt Annie & Uncle Oscar" = her brother Oscar Pfleger & wife Annie Wirtz

(do not know the names of Ann Cooke's parents who lived on Shields)

Flo Wagner a.k.a. Flo Lynch = Florence Lynch Wagner, sister their late daughter's friend Christine Wagner


Lawndale Oct 18--56


Dear Dolores, Les + fam

    It's so wonderful hearing from you so frequently that I'm just thrilled to pieces. We had a few letters from Harry + Jinny too but Edward + Marge + Art + Irene + Jerry + Char seldom write. Jerry's eldest writes, though, + her letters are always newsy + interesting. Art's daughter + Ed's youngest daughter have written too which helps a lot to keep us informed as to how they all are, even Dick + Millie write occasionally and always include a few lines from their daughter and even their son and Francis' eldest has written us two letters since he and his younger brother and Francis were out here, also sent us a picture of their garage + patio which is very nice.

    Thanks so much for your new daughter's picture. She certainly is a little darling and I can hardly wait to see her. I think it was very nice of Les to be so thoughtful of his family to spend almost his entire vacation taking them out to different places and sometimes by himself too. You are so very fortunate in having such a wonderfully thoughtful husband. It gave you a chance to out someplace with your entire family having a sort of picnic by yourselves for a change.

    How are you feeling + are you putting on a little weight maybe and how are Les + the kiddies hope you all get through the winter without catching any bad colds. I was hoping you would be able to find a new place somewhere before the winter set in but maybe you will be able to find just what you want when Spring rolls around and you might have more time to look around then as your family will be a little older by that time and I hope they won't be as much care by that time as they are now. Anyway I hope your second son will be over his mischievousness a little more that time. Larry just thinks he and the things he does are just wonderful and when he reads your letters he just sits there and laughs his head off and says what a boy.

    He is kept pretty busy studying since he has gone back to school and I'm happy out it because I know he spends many lonely evenings especially now since Jean + Johnnie have gone back to Chicago. He only golfs once a week now on Saturdays and he and another one of the golfers have to be at the course by 5 o'clock in the morning to make reservations for the next Saturday and then they come home here about 5:10 for breakfast after which they go back to the golf course and start playing golf about 6:20 a.m. He usually gets back here after their game is over about 11 o'clock and from that time on he just relaxes on the couch+ watches one football game after another until about 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The same way on Sunday he goes to 9 o'clock Mass and from then on he watches football games until 1 o'clock. We used to eat our dinner on Sunday at 12 o'clock but now on account of the football games we have to wait until 1 o'clock and if I just as much as stick my head in the door (he keeps it closed to make it darker) he hollers kitchen.

    Dad and I have been feeling much better lately. Dad's cough is getting much better since he quit drinking wine (he only drank one glass between suppertime + bedtime but it always made him cough) so now I'm happy that he realized it himself and quit (don't mention that I said anything about the wine) and my ear is gradually getting better too.

    We had an invitation to come to Ann Cooke's to play pinochle a few Saturdays ago, but as my ear was bad I couldn't hear very good. We told her we would come when I felt better as I wouldn't be very good company with an earache and not being able to hear very good either. She is from Chgo and went to school with Aunt May. They just lived down the street aways on Shields Ave in back of us about 2 or 3doors from where Wagners lived. Her mother + dad and Aunt Annie and Uncle Oscar used to play cards together regularly as they belonged to a club they used to call the Sunday evening club.

    They live in Redondo Beach not too far from us and belong to our church too. They are very nice people. We visited them when Aunt May was here and she wanted to give me some rhubarb but I didn't want to take it because she had some other company there too and she was picking some for them too but Dad hasn't gotten over it because if you remember he loves rhubarb so I hope when we do go there or when they come here--I am thinking of inviting them to come here Sat night or else a week from Sat night--they will remember and bring Dad some rhubarb because he has been drooling about it ever since.

    We have to visit Flo Wagner + her husband soon too as they have invited us too. Well maybe now that my ear is getting a little better maybe we will go seeing Ann Cooke and Flo Lynch too.

    Well darlings, I didn't realize was writing so much so hoping to hear from you soon I'll say toodle oo for now with love + kisses to all,

God Bless you

Love Mom


Why don't you tell your oldest son to just hop a plane + come out here/ Grandma would be glad to have him here for a while.


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