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carbon of typed letter by Edward Wachdorf Sr, marked "Copy to Harry"

People mentioned besides his wife, Irene Pfleger Wachdorf, and son Larry, include:

the little King girl = Marica King most likely, daughter of Janet King

Bunk = his son Frank/Francis & his two sons

Marge & Ed = his namesake son and daughter-in-law

Dolores & Les = his daughter & son-in-law, also mentions their second son

Harry = his son

Hertzy = Richard Stalzer, friend of his sons' from Chicago


Oct. 20th 1956


Dear Ones:

    Just was chased into the house by my two buddies with their continual Hi-Hi, which is their expression of greeting when I am out in front or the side of the house. They are two little tots who are very persistent when they want to attract your attention by their pestering. I never fail to answer them but they are the parrot type who never cease once they start. The little King girl across the street is vacationing in N. Dakota with her parents or she would join them with Hi grandpa.

    Anyway, I am not mostly confined to the house as the weather is on the nippy side when you sit out on the patio in the shade with the wind whistling around the place for as you know it is open on all sides, sorta a canopy only. Now Mom and I work our Jig saw puzzles in more comfort without exposing ourselves to unnecessary dangers.

    Mom is feeling a lot better although not entirely cured. She still has a time hearing what she don't want to hear, but it is the usual phenomena that she can hear a whisper if not intended for her to hear, you know, sorta all ears. Neither one of us has seen the doctor as I told her as soon as she was ready, I would be likewise.

    I am also feeling a lot better as I quit completely drinking. I used to have a small glass of wine before retiring while watching the T.V. between 9:30 and ten P.M. I don't use any stimulants which has improved my breathing and coughing, or should I say has eased up my coughing to a degree that I can get along with it again without abusing it with cussing.

    Then again it might of been the tonic we had out here. Bunk came out with the two boys which brightened things up and also our spirits. Maybe that's all that's the matter with us spasmodically. We need a shot to brace us up mentally Sometimes separation acts thataway and we need something to brace us up, as no company gets us restless, not that we are crabbing, we're just bellyaching. Wish you all could supply that prescription.

    Now I would like to have my say to you all. In August it seemed like Christmas for me, even though I don't believe in Santa Claus. It was like the 49ers, finding gold in every envelope I opened. The kitty grew so big that I was able to buy four retreads tires with the exchange of my old ones for $38.50, so now I am good for another few miles driving, leaving out the mountain climbing, that's for the birds. Also Larry.

    From Dolores and Les I got a beautiful shirt but it seems like they were a little short at the time because they bought me a boy's size. However I managed to squeeze myself tightly together and get into it for a trial. That was all for that shirt. Now it is packed away in moth balls with all my new wearing material awaiting the day that my other ones wear out so she can trot out the next one to see the light of day and the fresh air again. That does not go for Larry, even though she screams her head off about that he never has any new things, because they get a chance to see sunlight.

    Then from Marge & Ed I got a lovely warm jacket that also was a tussle to get into. Don't people know that I am a man that outgrew boy's togs? Lucky for me on this one, I get a chance to wear it on Sundays to church as I am not too long on jackets, but just right now, with a work one and two to go out in.

    Harry, Mom got her rosary the other day with a broken cross. We are going to take it to a jeweler to see if he can weld it together as she prizes this rosary because it came from Rome and Bunk. Also Harry you sure did right by preferring peace of mind and body above the monetary consideration by resigning from that hell hole they had you buried in.

    Dolores, you had better see Hertzy about getting your second son fitted up with a telescopic downspout so that he could make it outside on the lawn to sprinkle. Be a lot more sanitary that way and besides he could keep his feet dry.

    Now that all company seems to be holed in for the winter, we will try to get back to writing a few lines again which we hope will become contagious. That mother of yours sure keeps in trim running to the mail box all morning at ten to 30 minute intervals without omission which sometimes extends to the afternoon when the mail man has stopped for a coffee break somewhere along the line of travel. I don't have to ask her how she made out. All I do is watch the expression on her face as it has that saintly glow, beaming all over or else she is shouting we hit the Jackpot when it's more than one. She now has familiarized herself with handwriting. She can tell at a glance which one of the clan has came out of their cocoon to remember her. I f I happen to be out in the yard, I must come in to listen to the good news from home and be just as thrilled as she is. Even you people get the same thrill when you see that familiar California postmark. Don't think we are the only ones that anticipate mail and glory with it. Even Larry does handsprings or throws a cushion at Mom just to vent his feelings when he is the recipient of mail, even though it is bill sometimes. Got a postcard and replied from Red Cross for blood at Torrance which he donates every three months.

    Wanted to say more but Mom is shouting that war chant, come and get it, so must quit for the present


With love from all of us


Be hearing from all of you soon, thanks.


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