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(the following several letters were all together in one envelope postmarked 9-9-1932)


Dear Sis,

I waited to hear from you all week and at last I was rewarded with your letter today. Was very glad to hear you were so happy as I was sure you would be, also to hear you havenít been home-sick, as to remembering you in our prayers you know we all do.


Well the kiddies all started back to school this week and have all been promoted, even Francis, but the poor boy has been in bed all day today with a sore throat, he is feeling pretty good tonight so I guess maybe if I keep him in over Saturday and Sunday he might be able to go back to school Monday as he really needs it.


George left for Mundelein yesterday and it seemed kind of lonesome not having him pop in and out a few times today. He left on the train with the rest of the boys as he thought that would be more fun than driving down.


Bert and Lucille were here this morning and were sorry that you had gone as Lu wanted to meet you. She said to wish you the best of luck and happiness and she too will remember you in her prayers. I think she is a very good girl and I like her very much. I almost forgot to tell you Leona Pfleger came home from the hospital Tuesday night and has developed pneumonia since. I think she is pretty sick. Say a prayer for her. As Aunt Clara and the family just came in, I must close with love and prayers.


I am as ever

your mother



(same letter, added to bottom of page)

Dear Sis,

We received your letter today and are very happy about your love of the convent. It certainly filled us with pleasure to learn of your happiness there. I started school yesterday and I enjoyed most of the day. We had an English test of 21 questions from a strange Brother who was just transferred here. The band is preparing for its winter concert tonight. Brother announced that we are 3 months ahead of last yearís schedule.


Mother told us of the fun you had Monday and I certainly was surprised when you never won the wagon pushing race. I was also shocked to hear of the fact that you ate spinach. Did you win any prizes Monday? Tell me next time.


Hereís wishing you oceans of success and happiness and hoping you will always remember me in your prayers as I will you in mine.

Your loving brother,




(in same envelope)

Dear Sis,

Your letter arrived today and mother was glad to get it. You have to excuse my writing because school just started. Iíve got the same Sister I had last year. Sister Beatrix is a good principal so far. All the desks in our room were varnished and the whole school was painted. I am a lieutenant of our patrol boys in school. Dad is going to get a new Oldsmobile Sunday or Monday. The Graham is no good any more. Your violin is a keen one. Sister gave me a Sacred Heart badge for having a good lesson. Sister Fidelia is my teacher in music. The fountain pen you gave me is swell. I have to get a new pen for it though. I broke the old one. Larry is in second grade now and he has the same Sister he had last year. I sleep in your old bed with Larry now. You know the medals you left for us. I got the cross and pin. Iím glad your happy. Donít get homesick. Give Mary my regards. Iíll be praying for you. So long.


Your brother


PS Motherís home is Jackson Mich.



(in same envelope)

Dear Sis,

Glad you like the convent, Sis. Itís a good place for you and I knew you would be happy there.


Joe Zapf and I went fishing at the lake today, and we caught nineteen fish. They were delicious perch, and I am sorry I couldnít enclose some with this letter. Ask Jerry about it if you donít believe they were good.


Oh, how I miss my school (nix). I donít know how to spend my time while the kids are in school so I go fishing. If I am always so successful as I was today I will be satisfied.


Sure hope you make the grade in your music course.





(back of Artís letter)

Dear Sis,

How are you? Thatís good. I donít feel so good. Everybody told you all the news so I donít have to.


Yours truly,




(same sheet)

Last but not least here comes the news from your dad. I could write for two hours telling you about my new car. Itís a new Oldsmobile. I had mother along with me when I made the purchase so it must be good. If you write any more letters like the one we just got Iíll be tempted to go to some monastery. We just got company, the whole Roster family, so it would be rude of me to continue writing now. Mother wants to get this letter in the mail tonite for you to read Sunday so please scuse. The next time Iíll do better.

Love Dad


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