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Transcribed from typewritten original


Addressed to Layton Blvd & Greenfield Ave.

Preprinted envelope with return address


Manufacturing Company

641 South Wells Street

Chicago, ILL

With encircled printed ďChicago Second Worldís Fair 1933Ē

And typed in at the top ďL. HugueletĒ

Postmark 9-12-1932



Dear Irene:

Han-Ley Manufacturing Co. is calling for help. That is J.J. is so worried about the Sears-Roebuck & Co. Account, that he insisted that I write you.


Did you send them an individual invoice on each order as we shipped them? Or, are we supposed to send the Invoice for the full 10 Gross, now that the order is completed?


Everything else is O.K. and Iím sure you will be able to straighten this out and put his mind at rest about it. He just canít seem to get it out of his head that you balled things up. But you know how he is, and Iím beginning to know. So I donít pay much attention to how he acts.


I saw your mother Tuesday. She told me how happy you were. You surely feel at home, from what she said. Well, Irene, Iím wishing you all the luck in the world. Say a little prayer for me once in a while. Iím beginning to think my prayers are being heard, and it makes me quite happy.


Iíll write you later and let you know all the news.

With love,



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