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both postmarked and dated 9-16-1932


My dear Sis:

Received your letter the other day and was both happy and surprised as I didnít expect a letter until next week. Your brothers and sister were also happy to think you wrote them each a little letter also. We were out to Aunt Claraís last night, took Larry and Dolores along had quite a nice visit. Wanted to know how you were and whether they too could come out on visiting Sunday. Before I forget donít forget to put in a few words to Aunt Dell when you write again, as she was kind of disappointed at not being mentioned in your other letter. As for daddy changing his mind about your coming home in a month or more Iím sure he changed that, the day we were out to see you (Labor Day) he said he really thought you were meant to be there allright. Well Sis dear I can hardly wait until Oct 16th to come out to see you but then I suppose that time will go by too

and we will be there before we know it. As I have to put the kiddies to bed now, I will let one of the others put in a few lines





(bottom of same page)

Dear Sis:


Art broadcasting.

I suppose all the kids have told you our new car so there is no use of me repeating it. However, I rode home from Oak Park in it and Dad promises to let me drive it when it has gone five hundred miles. I think itís a peach of a car. Itís the best Dad has ever bought. Please send me one of those scapular medals with your next letter.






(I have no idea if the photo at left is the car, but it has a developer's stamp 1-27-1933)

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