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This is a photo gallery associated with the page for Irene Pfleger Wachdorf

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cabinet photo that looks right to be Irene, except for the St. Louis stamp

1900 religious card given for spelling and saved for almost seven decades

front of the card

die eisle heilige communion in der St. Antonius Kirche Chicago den 14 Juli 1901 Irene R Pfleger (1st communion 7-14-1901 St. Anthony's)

Exterior of the prayer book with 1st communion inscritpion (prayer book in German)

Irene far right, feathered hat. On ground, left Geralda Gotsch, ?, then Mae Howard. Harry put Hilda Grimm as 1st on left in back but maybe she's 4th

matching photo of the boys, with future husband Ed Wachdorf 2nd from left standing. Bill Gotsch laying on hip toward right end of line on the ground

photo strip of Irene and Louis Grimm Jr (I think) stamped on back Ho Ho Gallery

1905 her brother Henry's wedding reception. Far right fierce man prob. her father, with Dell behind and Irene left of Dell, leaning toward Mae Howard?

Lou and Gert's wedding 6-7-1905. She's seated beside the groom, her sister Dell behind her (Hilda Grimm back row far left)

front row from left Hilda, Irene, kid, Lou, Gert standing, Dell, Gert's sister. Irene stood up with "Helen Jann's father" at this wedding

Irene labled clearly when you click. Girl on far left appears in photos also with Louis Grimm Jr (on his page)

Irene and friend, photo postcard created at Sans Souci Park

single frame from photo strip (about one inch square) with unknown woman

picnic with Edward (photo stamp box on this photo postcard only printed 1905-1908)

another picnic, with Kitty Hochertz also (not labeled) Eddie Antermeyer 2nd from left seated

monogramed watch locket she gave Edward for Christmas the year before they married

Enlarged view of single frame of previous. Is that a wedding ring on her left hand?

tintype (matches size tintype photo of her brother Oscar and his wife taken in "Old St. Joe")